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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 44


Dr. Shanker Adawal

He earns as a low paid servant

Here Mars is placed in 7th house to Saturn position.

In a kings court

Ketu in Leo (Ketu is for entry and being in Sun’s sign means kings court).

His happy days start from his 35 to 38 years

Jupiter transiting over Mars (35 years) over natal Jupiter (36) years), over Rahu may not be so good. Transit on Pisces with Jupiter in 11th good (38).

He starts life at 22-23

(Jupiter transit over Mars in Sagittarius and lord of sign in 2nd).

Live up to age of 76 years

In 7th round Jupiter transit over Ketu with aspect of Saturn. Jupiter transit over Gemini with its lord in 6th may prove fatal. So he lives up to 76-77 years.)

Chart No. 23

General – Rahu is in Capricorn (watery sign) and Jupiter is in Pisces then again Mars and Saturn both inimical to each other, fighting in Gemini, Ketu in Cancer and Sun in Leo with Venus and Mercury ends the chain of planets.

Native will be employed in a technical concern

As Saturn is in Mercury’s house.

Native will rise high despite obstruction

Though Ketu creates obstruction the native will rise high as Sun is powerful in his own house with Mercury.

He will be employed in accounts department but will not rise high

Saturn is placed in sign of Mercury associated with Mars the planet of toil and labour which is requirement of accounts i.e. Mercury. (He will not rise high as Ketu is next to Saturn and Saturn is with enemy Mars).

Native comes of a high family but will have to work as subordinate

Native comes of a high family as Jupiter is in its own sign but will have to work in a subordinate position as Saturn is with Mars and Ketu in next sign or because Saturn and Mars are next to Jupiter.

At about 64 – 65, he will take up work in a religious institution

When Saturn transit Virgo and is aspected by Jupiter in Pisces at birth (Saturn is karka of work and 4th from Saturn is place of work which is Virgo). Thus when Saturn transit Virgo and is aspected by Jupiter (religious) in Pisces at about 64 – 65 he will take up work in a religious institution.

Good days up to 74 – 75

After 64 – 65, while Saturn transiting from Virgo to Sagittarius it is good i.e. up to 74 – 75.

The combination of Sun, Mercury and Venus in sign Leo; Sun is giver of children and so planets associated with Sun will also give progeny or children. As there are two planets associated with Sun, in all there will be three children, one for Sun and other two for Venus and Mercury.

One boy and one girl will be able to live a very ordinary/poor life

Now as Sun in Leo is strong and inimical to Mercury and Venus. Besides Mercury is depositor of Mars and Saturn both fighting, so one boy and one girl (Venus) will be able to live a very ordinary/poor life.

Chart No. 24

Will be of intellectual type and will shine well

Mercury is in his own sign or house Virgo with Venus (Mercury karka of education and intelligence in its own sign with a friend Venus a planet of value).


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