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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 46


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Have a few Children not of very high order

Sun’s the giver of children and Venus producer of children. Both are debilitated. An important principle to be remembered.

Chart No. 25

As the page is missing, so this horoscope has been formed with the help of description of planets. It looks that Jupiter is in Taurus.

Father in great trouble at the time of birth of the Native

Saturn in Cancer and Sun in Leo just after crossing Saturn. (At the time of birth Saturn was in Cancer and just before birth Sun was crossing over Saturn, enemy of Sun karka of father which indicates that just before birth father was in trouble).

Father was a government employee and owned lands

Sun the karka of father in Leo, the sign owned by Sun indicates that father was in government service. Next to Sun is Venus which is depositor of Mars and owned lands.

Father was short lived

As Sun is surrounded by Saturn on one side and Venus on the other and both are enemies.


Native will have a brother who is short lived.

As Mars indicating brothers is moving towards debilitation.

Native Eldest Son

As Jupiter has no planet behind him, the native is the eldest son.

Native will have a brother who is also short lived.

With Ravi in 2nd to Saturn, the native will have a brother who is also short lived (brothers are indicated by planets next to Jupiter and Mars indicates one brother as discussed above. Saturn also indicates another brother. As enemy Sun is next to Saturn so the brother dies.

Native Government employee

With Ravi in 2nd to Saturn, the native will have government employment (Saturn karka of service with Sun in 2nd (Government karka Sun) indicates service.

May have no sisters

As Venus is debilitated (Venus is karka for sisters here).

But he will be a great intellectual

Combination of Venus and Mercury gives intellect of high order. Mercury is karka of intellect, which is exalted with Venus gives sparkling intellect. Sun behind it also the intuitive power.

May be employed as a village accountant

Saturn having Sun next to it gives a government job and next it contacts Mercury exalted which indicates accounts. Debilitated Venus gives a low post in a village and so the result.

Will be short lived

Jupiter the propellant of soul in inimical house with no planets behind or in 7th to support, gives a short life. Besides Jupiter all alone outside Rahu-Ketu axis is in a weak position which also gives short life.

May be married at 28 years

Jupiter in 3rd round transiting over Venus and Mercury. The 3rd round because Jupiter contacts Saturn in Cancer in a female sign and aspecting Venus.


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