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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 41


Dr. Shanker Adawal

He will have yoga (good days) from 30-31 and reach heights at the age of 42-43.

Jupiter in 3rd round comes under the aspect of Sun i.e. 24-30. In the 4th round comes under the aspect of Mars in Leo. In the case the depositor is in 5th. In his 30th year comes in contact with Saturn which is yoga karka from Jupiter and transit in Jupiter at 31st friendly sign and so on and in 42-43 comes in contact with Saturn, again a yoga karka from Jupiter. As it comes in contact under it is aspected by Jupiter.

Trial and disappointment in educational career

(As Jupiter transit over Mercury which is in conjunction with Mars his enemy and so he will face trial and disappointment in educational career (Mercury is karka of education).

Native will be well versed in 3 languages

With Ketu in Virgo (owned by Mercury karka of education) the native will be well versed in 3 languages. (Ketu gives the results of planets whose sign it occupies and so the result as Virgo happens to be the exaltation sign of Mercury).

Native will have profit through his father’s gain

With Sun and Mercury following Saturn. (Saturn as karka of profession contacts Sun (aspected by Jupiter) first. This Sun has got Venus in 2nd sign to Sun and friendly planet Mercury karka of business. Sun is depositor of Venus and Mercury, and Mercury in 2nd to Sun associated with Venus. This Sun is aspected by Jupiter then Saturn with Sun having Mercury and Venus in 2nd in sign of Sun indicates gains to father and gains to self from it because of aspect of Jupiter).

Troubles he will have through 2 persons in gaining the parental property and may have to go to court of law.

In second house to Sun the finances of father there are 3 planets Venus and Mercury with bitterest enemy Mars. Thus Mars fights with 2 Mercury and Venus and so a dispute is indicated. Venus and Mercury in the sign of Sun indicate court of law.

Much gains after 57 upto 63

In the 5th round i.e. 48 to 60, Jupiter has Rahu in 5th sign in Pisces belonging to Jupiter. In 5th round good results of Pisces will be there besides others troubles because of Rahu.

Children troubles between 69-70 years

From 61-72 Jupiter will be in 6th round in Aries sign surrounded by malefic Saturn and Rahu and so normally not good. In this round there may be enemies and other troubles and worries. In 63-64 years Jupiter will be transiting in Leo where Mars is with enemies Venus and Mercury. Mars, Venus and Mercury represent children and so troubles from own children. Besides the depositor Sun is in 12th and so also bad results.

Good functions performed of marriage etc between 68-71

In 6th round transit of Gemini sign Cancer and Leo and Virgo. Lord of Gemini with Venus (karka for functions). Sun is friendly and then transit over Venus karka for functions and value placed in Leo royal sign. Transit over Ketu will be also good and so the results.

The question arises as to what will be the result of Sun being between Saturn and Mars. Now Saturn is in house of finance (2nd Taurus sign) and having Mars in next house causes problem to Saturn in Taurus thereby causing problem and suffering. Saturn and Mars are inimical. The problems and suffering may be because of money. Now Mars a planet of activity and work sitting in Leo (a great friend) with Sun behind mental power. Leo land in Sun.

Vaginal trouble for wife and he will suffer on account of ailments at his 69-70 years of age.

Venus in Leo and Ketu in Virgo indicate some vaginal troubles for the wife. (Venus is very weak in Leo and contact Ketu in Virgo sign of vagina. It is because of this Venus suffers when contacting Ketu. Jupiter will be transiting over Ketu 69-70 years of age.


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