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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 42


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Have one daughter and 2 sons and they will take up their own profession

The daughter to will have vaginal trouble.

(Venus can be karka of daughter and probably the presence of Ketu in next house may be the cause).

His daughter and son will earn well and bring him name and fame at his 69-70 years.

(Venus being karka for daughter placed in royal sign Leo and Ketu in next sign should do good. The same applies to Mars who could be a karka of boy. Jupiter in 6th round will transit on Mars and Venus which may be 63-64 years of age. In 6th round Jupiter will transit in Aries with its depositor in 5th i.e. Mars. The years mentioned are rough, rotating Jupiter from the Asc. Jupiter, depending on the round. Superimpose the actual transit for accuracy. There could be errors in the counting but planets on which they transit or are in opposition, give the clue to you. Please note this.

Live up to 76 year and will visit holy places before that

(76th year mean 7th round of Jupiter when Jupiter will be in Taurus whose lord Venus is in enemy’s house with enemy Mars and Sun before it. Mercury is weak being in 12th sign to Virgo. In 6th round transit over Rahu will end his life.

Native will suffer a lot but his power will be hidden in his mind and he will get severalthings done.

As Sun is placed in between Saturn and Mars. (Saturn before Mars may cause problems as both are inimical but Mars after Sun gives lot of power and energy and so bestows with highest degree of activity.

Born in a place where there are no neighbours on either side.

Jupiter is having no planets on either side.

The native was an “Ishwaramsa Sambhuta”. He is one wedded to both dharma.

Jupiter being aspected by Saturn in 7th from his position shows that this native was an “Ishwaramsa Sambhuta”. He is one wedded to both dharma. (Moral principles Jupiter) and karma (action Saturn).

Chart No. 20

Native born in a noble family

Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius

Father and grand father are men of Vedic learning (Holy Scriptures).

(Sun karka for father having Jupiter in next sign and Rahu karka for grand father has Jupiter behind it as Rahu has retrograde motion).

Native is also well versed in Vedic lore

As Mercury (karka for education) has Jupiter in 2nd house.

Native knows the mystical lower order of mantric knowledge

As Jupiter contact Rahu first in his moivements and Mars also.

Impediments all along life / career

Though Saturn is well placed in house of fortune (house of Venus and is friendly to Saturn) the 2nd there from is unoccupied, the 3rd is occupied by debilitated Mars and Ketu placed in 4th.

He will start with writing until the influence of Mars and Ketu is over and till Saturn contacts Venus in his own house.

Here the movement of Saturn has been taken to show the professional activities. The contact of Saturn with debilitated Mars and Ketu no development is there but when Saturn contact Venus in his own house he starts writing because Venus is karka for an and writing and more so placed before Mercury karka for writing.

As Saturn contact Mercury and Sun in the next house the native will enter into treasury service and obtain great name and fame but he will have only ordinary comforts


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