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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Male and Female signs

Male : Aries, Leo, Scorpion, Sagittarius and Pisces

Female : Taurus, Cancer, Libra

Impotents : Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius


The methodology to be followed in analyzing the events – here in this system are (i) there is no concept of ascendant; (ii) the horoscope should be drawn with Aries as No. 1 i.e. the first sign; (iii Importance is given to the rotation of Jupiter; (iv) It stays in each sign for a period of approx. 12 years. During this period of 12 years, roughly for one year each it moves from one house to the other in different signs.

Example: Jupiter in the native’s horoscope is in Aries. Therefore for all practical purposes we consider Jupiter to be in Aries for a period of 12 years and its conjunction / opposition etc. with other planets will determine the broad events in the first 12 years for the native. In the period of 12 years, each year the influence will depend upon Jupiter in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer etc. This is explained in details in the ensuing chapters. We only take 7th aspect into consideration and no other aspect which is again a deviation to be remembered.

Great importance is given to (a) the sign in which the planet is; (b) conjunction of the planets (c) the planet which leads in the conjunction in terms of its degrees; (d) Planets which are in the 12th house of a particular planet; (e) Planets which are in the next house of the sign in which a particular planet is placed; and (f) Planets which are opposite to the concerned planet. The planet will imbibe the quality of the planets of which it is a depositor. If Saturn is a depositor of Jupiter and Mercury, it will change its character accordingly and give results in accordance.

Therefore, for each 12 years the ascendant would be the planet where Jupiter is placed governing the event of those 12 years and then for the next 12 years it will be rotated in the next house/houses which will govern the events for the next 12 years and conforms to the indications of the prime placement.

Traits of Saturn the DOER or KARAK

Saturn is the planet which is the DOER. It is the KARAK of profession. Saturn moves with the energy which it gets from other planets. Saturn here is an important planet with respect to our profession and it is the most important planet for understanding the professional ups and downs. Saturn is in a house for a period of 30 years and rotates in the 12 signs for a period of 2 ½ years each. Again while reading and making predictions, we need to understand the planets which are conjunct, opposite, the impact of depositors when it moves from each sign taking into relationship the pivotal planet Jupiter and other planets.

Traits of other planets

1. Mars, similarly, is important to study various aspects with respect to brothers.

2. Venus for marriage, sex and is the key planet for studying the horoscope of females. Mercury is important for studying things with respect to maternal uncle, education and intelligence.

3. Mars, Venus and Mercury while getting energized during rotation or by virtue of having planets ahead of them/conjunction/12th house/depositors impact also tell of relationships/power/wealth/sex, finance/division etc. respectively.

4. Sun is the Karak of Father and important in terms of predicting events with respect to father’s position, status and is also extremely important when it gives energy to Saturn for professional upliftment.


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