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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The following may be remembered:

Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are in the group of Gods, while Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in the group of Devils.

Example: If you take Mahabharata into consideration, then Sun is Lord Krishna, Moon Draupadi, Mars is Arjun and Bheem; Jupiter is Yudhistir, Karna is Mercury, Venus Dronacharya and Saturn is Duryodhan.

Nature of planets:

The effect of nature of planets of God group is, Moon the queen, Jupiter the teacher, Sun the King and Mars the Commander. In the group of devils, Mercury is the Finance Minister, Venus the teacher of devils and Saturn the king of devils.

Sun is a king living in a house which is like a palace; Full Moon is the queen living in a beautiful house just like a palace full of flowers, gardens, fountains etc. decorated with gold, silver, ornaments and vehicles. Mars is the Commander in Chief, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc. living in a house resembling to that of a Minister with volumes of books with respect to Law, War, Medicines, Engineering the History. Jupiter is the teacher of gods living in a house of a teacher or a Professor with full of books on all subjects.

Mercury is Commerce, living in a house worthy of a business man, with full of literature regarding commerce and accounts. Venus is the teacher of devils living in a house suitable to a teacher of devils, having super natural powers (siddhi and shaktis) and with whole lots of books on primary education. Saturn is a disciple of such powers which are associated with the devils.

Example: If Venus is in the house of Moon (in the sign of Cancer), the native passes his or her life according to the natures, status, position and house of the Moon. This is because Cancer is owned by Moon. Similarly, it is extremely important to not only see the planets in the house and signs but also take into consideration the other characteristics.

Likewise Cancer is the house of exaltation of Jupiter. Therefore planets in Cancer will give the results of Jupiter. Thus for this reason it is commonly said that a large number of planets in Cancer tends to make a person of high stature. This is just one example and the same will be explained time and again in the horoscopes that are analysed.

Degrees of the planets

In the horoscopes explained, we have mentioned the degrees but the degrees of the planet are extremely important. Assuming there are three planets viz. Mars, Venus and Rahu which are conjunct in one house, we need to know the degrees and then decipher which planet is ahead in the sign. If Mars has the highest degrees followed by Venus and Rahu, the results would be entirely different than Rahu having the highest number of degrees followed by Venus and Mars in the same house. Therefore it is important to have the degrees of all the same house. Therefore it is important to have the degrees of all the planets in each sign and then analyse the conjunction. The effect and impact of various conjunctions are explained in the chapters to follow.

Business of each planet:




Paper merchant, Bookseller, Farmer, Saint, Devotee


Actor, Actress, dancer, Poet, drawing artist, traveler, Sculptor, jeweler, sailor, Photographer, Vendor of perfumes or glass articles


Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, captain, Commander, Soldier, Historian, magician, director, scientist, minister, philosopher, foreign traveler


Chartered Accountant, Banker, Economist, Translator, Comedian, orator, supervisor of rest house or Hostel – if weak would serve at such places


Teacher, Professor, Social worker, Doctor, Clerk, Publisher, Exporter, Commission Agent – if weak would be a servant in these areas


Teacher, Musician, artist, sculptor, seller of artistic materials.


Dealer of hardware or machinery, huge producer, undertakes huge works, contractor – works at these places


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