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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Moon is the Karak of Mother as well as covers important aspects of intellect and when weak, it is a planet of deception.

Details of how Saturn and Sun play a very important role in professional life will be explained in the horoscopes analysed.

Importance of Transitory position

It is however very important to superimpose current transitory position. Therefore on rotating Jupiter, understanding that each planet will get its energy depending on the sign, house, conjunction, depositor, planets in front of it, planets behind it and planets opposite it with the rotation of Jupiter, as explained earlier, to superimposition of the current transit position we can make fairly accurate predictions. This will be with respect to various aspects as delineated on the position of Jupiter and the events which can happen in the period of 12 years will come upfront after studying the aspects as explained above. The events which are not indicated by Jupiter’s placement for 12 years should not be predicted. To understand the events which are bound to happen will depend on placement of Jupiter during the 12 year periods and the planets, house, conjunction to which it relates provides energy to other planets.

Example: Between the age of 12 and 24, if Jupiter is in the house of Venus and has Venus opposite to it, one could be sure that the native would have a relationship/marriage during this period. The timing of this event will depend on as explained above – for this I would request the readers to read the next 100 charts in details.

There are certain other principles which I would also like the readers to keep in mind i.e. if a planet is in the sign of Gemini, then there will be an impact of the planets which are in the other sign of Mercury i.e. Virgo. There will be no impact if that sign is empty or without any planets. In this system of astrology, results are predicted only while Jupiter is transiting and the planets getting into a relationship.

Effects of depositor

Energizing various planets positively will take place if the depositor is placed in the 11th house from its sign. If the Lord of the planet’s depositor is placed in the 12th the results would be negative. Further, if the Lord of the planet’s depositor is placed in the 8th there would be a break of events. A very simple example is that if Saturn is being transited by Mars and its depositor is placed 8th in any sign, one could be sure that there will be reversal in his professional career.

The extent of reversal would depend on the sign and the other planets which gets conjunct with both with respect to the chart getting formed by the rotation of Jupiter as well as superimposition of the transit. Therefore, importance is only given to the Lord of the planets or depositor being placed i9n the 11th, 12th of 8th. However, if the depositor is placed in the 7th, there would be stagnation and though positive indication will be there, the results will not come forth. Planets which are opposite to each other signify stagnation with respect to their attributes. Exalted and debilitated planets should be analysed carefully.

In the above system we also have to take into consideration that the planets are moving and also need to see the planet ahead of the major planet Jupiter or a significator planet in the natal chart.

Example: If Saturn is in Taurus and the next planet is Ketu in Libra and there are no planets between Saturn and Ketu, it would show that a person would take a long time to settle and struggle. This is the foundation and the predictions would have to be then based with this as the base destiny for the native. This again, I would repeat, would be explained in the charts.


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