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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 32


Dr. Shanker Adawal


He will be a money lender and dealer in jewellery.

Saturn contacts Venus and Mercury conjunction first and then the combination of Sun, Mars and Rahu. (Venus and Mercury combination indicates money lender as Venus (money) and Mercury (communication & business). Thus business & communication of money means money lending and dealer in jewellery. This is because of Saturn contacts Sun (Gold), Mars (manufacturing). Mercury normally indicates business on commission basis.

Parental property – legacy

Native will acquire parental property (legacy). Venus has Sun and Mars next to him (Sun conjunct on Mars, parental house. Here Mars and Venus have exchanged places and so, Venus goes in Taurus and represents property. Thus position of Sun gives parental property to Jupiter).


Mercury is lord of natural zodiac Virgo i.e. 6th sign and 6th sign represents disputes and quarrels. Mercury being in the sign of Mars (enemy) is not good and may give troubles as Mars is ahead of Mercury. Mercury is karka of commission (lending as 6th sign which also represents borrowing and lending). Thus in 3rd round Jupiter will be in Virgo sign and exciting Mercury and in 4th round will have opposition of Mercury. In 3rd round around 34 years of age when transiting over Mercury and in 4th round again when transiting over Mercury i.e. 44th year there will be troubles and quarrels on account of money lending business.

Servants and Agricultural Products

He will have servants and own agricultural products.

(Jupiter is having Moon in Virgo ahead representing agricultural products, Virgo represents agricultural vegetation. Next to it is Ketu followed by Saturn representing servants).


He will have one wife and live happily.

(Venus and Jupiter separated by Rahu-Ketu axis and Moon is ahead of Jupiter).


He will have one son.

(Venus associated with Mars, male child).

More famous and rich than father

The native will become more famous than his father and richer too.

Jupiter placement in exaltation and Mercury plus Venus in Aries.

Mother – beautiful and faithful

She (mother) will be beautiful to look at. She will be faithful to her husband. The representation of mother Moon is in Virgo. Sun in Moon’s exalted sign.

(Sun is karka of father and Taurus is exaltation sign of Moon having Sun in its exaltation sign shows that Moon (mother) is faithful to Sun i.e. husband).


In his 34 and 46 years of age he will get into quarrels on account of money lending business.

(It is because of transit of Jupiter on Taurus which comes at 34 and 44 respectively in 3rd and 4th round).


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