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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 31


Dr. Shanker Adawal

First Brother – Sanyas

Here Mars representing first brother has been taken as Lagna

(Principle to be remembered when telling of parents and co-borns. Planets which are separative in nature or otherwise and other combinations for sanyasi are looked for. Jupiter and Rahu in 12th to Mars indicate no bed comforts. Similarly Saturn a separative planet is in 4th from Mars Lagna indicates no domestic life. Of course Ketu in 6th gives renunciation.

Chart No. 8

Place of Birth

There will be dilapidated wall by the side of the house in which the native was born.

As in this chart the life propeller, Jupiter is conjunct with Rahu. There will be houses adjoining the birth home. As Mars is situated next to Jupiter.

Native a brave man

Native is a brave man. Rahu and Mars positions indicate so.

Beautiful Native

He is beautiful by looks. Jupiter in Taurus house of Venus indicates this.

Riches through wife

He will get riches through wife. As Mars is aspected by Venus (Mars in 2nd house to Jupiter aspected by dhana karka Venus).

Brothers – Younger

Native will have two brothers younger to him. As Jupiter transits Mars first and Saturn next.

First Brother Sanyasi

The first brother (Mars) will adopt sanyas. The first brother (Mars) has Rahu and Jupiter behind and Saturn next in 4th and Ketu in 6th. (Mars representing Lagna for the brother, Jupiter and Rahu in 12th the place of bed comforts. Jupiter and Rahu don’t allow it. Saturn in 4th house is not good and Ketu in 6th gives renunciation).

The native committed sins (Daivadroha) in the previous birth and in order to obdurate suffering he should perform 48 Somavara vratam. As result of these, he will achieve fame in government sphere and be free from ill health. He will live a happy life with two children and his wife. He will have money, conveyances and house and spend a harmonious life.

For previous life Jupiter comes to sign Aries with Rahu in 2nd, Mars in 3rd and Saturn in 6th place. Mars in 3rd in Gemini is not good. Thus this position indicates a lot of sins in the previous birth. Moon is just behind Jupiter and ready to join whereas Venus in sign of Jupiter gives number of woman. This Moon in the house of Saturn is weak and especially with Mercury. Thus Moon has become weak. So Somavara (Monday) Vrata prescribed. If Moon becomes strong along with Sun and as they move up in Pisces get aspect of Saturn and so fame and government service and all that mentioned will happen.

Chart No. 9

Native’s appearance

Native has well proportioned body with golden colour. Jupiter is exalted.

Sex Relations – many women

He will have sex relations with many women. Mars and Venus exchanged places and Venus conjunction with Mercury. (Mars and Venus exchange is for highly sexual life and combination of Venus (woman) with Mercury (multiplicity) indicate number of women).


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