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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 33


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Trouble from leprosy

The conjunction of Mars, Rahu and Sun. (Taurus is sign of beauty and all planets fighting there and malefic so affects beauty).

Chart No. 10


Jupiter in previous birth would be located in Libra. The Jupiter in Libra exchanges place with Venus in Saggitarius. Both are placed in inimical sign and so nothing good expected. Now examine this Venus as located in this form and then consider Jupiter as depositor of Venus. Venus is having Rahu in next house of Saturn and so tamsi of Venus in Sagittarius is not good; Rahu is about to pounce upon Venus. This indicates being a widow, (Rahu would not have pounced upon Venus if it was in a friendly sign). Thus because of exchange with Jupiter, Venus causes a subtle effect on Libra. Thus Venus before transiting Libra, will contact Moon at this point (i.e. Libra) and so this widow should be a relation of the mother of the native. She would be beautiful as Venus would be in its own sign Libra where it produces a subtle effect. Here Moon is again in inimical sign and cause wrong and sinful thinking with Saturn in next house. The presence of Jupiter and Venus, both enemies, together in Libra indicates illicit relation with widow. In relation to Venus and Jupiter, Moon is indicative of pregnancy. Now both Jupiter and Venus moves forward and finds Saturn, highly tomoguni being in sign of Mars. Besides it is depositor of Rahu i.e. poison. This indicates that he would bring some poison to destroy the pregnancy. Jupiter moves forward in Scorpio and Venus also moves there, in Scorpio Venus meets his enemies also Sun and thereby dies due to poisoning.

Previous birth

Native’s previou birth is indicated by the placement of Jupiter in Libra, the sign behind the one occupied in the chart.

Past Karma result explained

Here Rahu is about to pounce upon Venus. Jupiter is placed in Libra. There it exchanged places with Venus and so originally Venus was in Libra. Venus as indicated above is a widow. Venus before transiting Libra will contact Moon at same point and so that widow is relation of mother of the native. She will be beautiful to looks at (Venus in Libra). The native will have illicit relations with that widow girl (Jupiter in enemy house and Venus due to exchange produces subtle energy at Libra and Jupiter & Venus are together. This indicates that native will have illicit relations with widow girl and cause the birth of a child (Venus associated Moon and in fact both Venus and Moon stand in relationship of mother and child). He will therefore bring some poison. Jupiter moves forward and meets Saturn depositor of Rahu (poison). Venus meets Saturn (depositor of Rahu – (poison) and so the native gives poison to destroy pregnancy. Venus representing her meets his enemies.

Sun and Jupiter in the next house to Libra and so would become very weak and the result was that widow dies (Venus comes to Sagittarius and now influenced by Rahu) as a result of poisoning. Because of this offence native had to undergo living in (Narak) nether world and got this birth thereafter.

He will have good education

(Mercury with Jupiter and Sun with Venus in next gives good education) owned landed property (Mercury exchanged houses with Mars) and money (Venus in 2nd to Saturn).

Chart No. 11


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