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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 29


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Previous Birth

Native in previous birth was born when Jupiter was in Cancer (house behind the one occupied in present birth). It is occupied by Mercury. He was a trader in the previous birth and had all wealth, houses and conveyances. One day he visited the temple of Raj Rajeshwari in his town. He witnessed a young girl (Moon just coming out of conjunction with Sun) at the door way with a smile on her face. He was so much attracted by her, he seduced her. The Goddess was infuriated and gave the native a blow on his back (Jupiter midway between Mercury and Mars) and cursed him to have a dark mark on his back and live a miserable life in the next birth. So, in this life native is plodding on with a little income and a perturbed mind he will go on changing profession.

The father of the native

Seducing a woman in a temple on being induced by a friend.

This is an important interpretation. Sun the karka of father is in Gemini with inimical planet Venus and full of lust. Sun in Gemini is also a sign of enemy. Now such a lusty father moves in the next house in Cancer, the sign of emotions. Mercury a friend is there. In Cancer Sun is aspected by Saturn a Tamoguni which spoils his intelligence an d makes him Tamoguna. Mercury though enemy but acts as a friend. Now they move in to Leo and contact Jupiter and Ketu. (Jupiter and Ketu conjunction indicates deity Subramanyam i.e. temple of Palani). Moon in sign Cancer is highly emotional lady with lusty Sun (father) and induced by friend Mercury is the emerging scenario. As Moon moves in to Leo, Sun also moves there and Sun (father) seduces Moon (girls) when visiting Palani temple.


This is very important aspect dealing with father attitude. Sun moves 30U in one month so it moves 1U in one day, while Moon moves 13U in a day and moves faster. By the time Sun moves in Cancer, Moon reaches in Leo. Thus there is exchange between Moon and Sun. This needs to be noted as an important principle.

Moon contacts Jupiter placed there at birth. Combination of Jupiter and Ketu indicates deity Subramanyam. Moon (the girl passing through Cancer and contacting Saturn becomes tomoguni) reaches Leo the temple of deity Subramanyam (Palani) and Sun established contact with such a Moon by exchange. Sun also becomes tomoguni because of aspect of Saturn in Cancer. Thus it means Sun induces Moon with the help of a friend (Mercury) which joins Sun in Cancer, see here also Moon gets tomoguni by Saturn and comes in contact with Sun due to exchange, causing seduction, a tomoguni act. As a result of this Sun, father will be born (Cancer next sign of Sun’s natal place indicates next birth where it is having aspect of Saturn low caste and full of trouble) in a low caste family and undergo trials and tribulations in life.


He deals with drinks and dresses and will carry on business in various places.

Saturn contacts Rahu first, next Venus and Moon who exchanges places with Mercury. (Venus – dresses or things of beautification, Moon drinks and Venus conjunction means sweet drinks. Exchange in place with Mercury indicates business).

He also deals in conveyances for same things as an employee in that concern.

(As Jupiter is placed alongwith Ketu with Mars in the next house. Ketu means employee and Mars indicates conveyance).


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