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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 28


Dr. Shanker Adawal

High post in water supply engineering department

He will hold a high post in water supply engineering department.

Sun and Saturn combination means government and Mercury exalted in Virgo aspected by Mars in Pisces indicates mastery of engineering and so will hold a high post in water supply engineering department.

(Saturn is karka of service and its placement with Sun indicates government and more so in Leo owned by Sun. Saturn having place in government is having Mercury exalted in next sign to Leo. Sun in Leo of course indicates high government post for Saturn. Now Mercury is also exalted (mastery and expertise) and aspected by Mars (engineering) from Pisces (watery sign). Thus it indicates that native holds a high post in water supply (because of Mars being in Pisces a watery sign) engineering department.

Previous Birth

Jupiter exalted in Cancer (house behind the one occupied in present birth) with Mercury gave trading. Ketu and Mars in subsequent houses gave wealth and houses. One day he visited (previous sign of Jupiter which is Gemini and Mercury lord of 3rd from Jupiter in conjunction) the temple of Raj Rajeshwari (Sun + Venus). He witnessed a young girl (Moon coming out of conjunction with Sun) at the door way. The combination of Sun and Venus indicates Raj Rajeshwari. Moon in combination with Venus and Sun indicates a beautiful and young girl. Moon is coming out of conjunction of Sun and Venus (smile). Jupiter is exalted with Mercury. Moon meets Jupiter with Mercury there and has the aspect of Saturn. This made him to seduce her. Even otherwise wherever there is a story of elopement and seduction, there has been involvement of Saturn and Moon in exchange. In horoscope No. 2, Saturn (debilitated) conjuncts Moon and Mars conjuncts Venus in the next house. In horoscope No. 3 Moon conjunct debilitated Saturn and Saturn having exchange with Mars. It may be noticed that Mars supplier of energy to sexual and tamsic mind has been either with Venus, in Taurus (sign of Venus) or in sign of Saturn. In short Mars has also become tamsic. In the present case Mercury and Moon have exchanged places and Moon comes in contact with Saturn and Mercury also depositor of Mars in Virgo, which may be noted.

As Goddess (Sun + Venus) contacts Mercury depositor of Mars, Goddess gets infuriated and she gives a blow on his back as Jupiter is in between Mercury (depositor of Venus and Sun) and Mars (blow) which is in sign of Mercury.

Chart no. 6

Brothers and Sisters

Native will have many brothers and sisters but very few will live long.

(Jupiter having planets ahead and behind but most of them are either in inimical places or with inimical forces combined).

Father Occupations

Native’s father will be a trader in many things.

Sun the karka for father in Gemini with Venu sin conjunction and Mercury is in 2nd house to Sun.

Native – Intelligent, medium education

Native is an intelligent one (Mercury having Jupiter and Ketu in the 2nd house).

But will have only medium education (Mercury the karka of education aspected by Saturn).


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