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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 30


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Wife Disease ridden

The wife of the native will be disease ridden, will get a bad name and have financial losses.

(Venus with enemies Moon and Sun. Venus with Moon give bad name and Venus as karka of finances indicates loss. As Venus is with enemies so disease and bed ridden).

Seducing a woman – provoked by friend

When the father of the native visited palani temple, he was induced by his friend to seduce a woman there. As a result of this sinful act, he will be born in a low caste family and undergo trials and tribulations in his life.

When Sun moves to the next house Cancer owned by Moon and Moon moves in Leo and therefore will have exchange of places with Sun and will contact Jupiter placed at birth. This has been explained in preceding paragraphs. Jupiter conjunction Ketu indicates the deity of Subramanyam.

Elder brother passed away early in life

Mars in Taurus aspecting its own sign Scorpio gave birth to a brother earlier than the birth of the native as Scorpio is before Aquarius. Mars in Taurus is in inimical sign and so weak and made vulnerable by Rahu who moves retrograde and destroys Mars, the elder brother.

Chart No. 7

Place of Birth

Place of birth was full of fine drinks.

In this case, life sustainer Jupiter is in Aquarius and Moon in the seventh house from there.

There was a pilgrim centre nearby the place of birth. As Ketu is behind the Jupiter.

Brothers and sisters

Native has brothers and sisters. Jupiter having planets ahead and behind and Venus well placed.

Elder Brothers

Elder brothers passed away early in life. Mars in transit come across Rahu first.

(Mars is placed behind Jupiter and so represents elder brother).

Educational Career

Native will have steady educational career. (Mercury in friendly sign with friend Venus a planet of value).

Philanthropist – win over enemies

The native is a philanthropist and will win over enemies. Moon and Jupiter are aspecting each other.

Profession – decent job

He will get a decent job, earn well, have conveyance, servants and live a harmonious life.

In the house next to Saturn, Sun, Venus and Mercury are placed.

Wife – Suffers

The wife of the native will however suffer from a great trouble. This can be overcome by pilgrimage to Haridwar and Rameshwaaram.

Venus is having enemy, Sun in debilitation and in conjunction.

Mother will suffer ill health

When Saturn transit Libra (Sun depositor of Moon karka of mother, is transited by Saturn, the effect of malefic transit is transmitted by Sun to the planet depositor in its sign i.e. Moon. Sun is debilitated in Libra and with enemies. The mother does not die as Moon is aspected by Jupiter and Moon in Royal sign).


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