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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 27


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Question

Are we take it that in every case when Moon is conjunct with a malefic and there is a parivarthan of that planet with another, there is likely to be a bad history behind the mother?

Above is a typical chart

Moon is conjunct with Saturn (Ishwaramsa) and Sun conjunct Venus. When Jupiter who exchanged places with Saturn, moves to Pisces in his round, he will conjunct both Moon and Saturn. This transits indicates phlegmatic and windy troubles for the mother (Moon) as well as the native (Jupiter). So we cannot have the same results always. The particular place of conjunction the planets involved and other influences based on Karakatwas have to be taken and judgement offered. One must be extremely careful in arriving at a conclusion by taking an integral approach.

(It is a fact that whenever there is contact between Venus and Mars with Saturn in debilitation along with Moon in previous house to Mars and Venus, there will be elopement or a likely activity of wife. Obviously Saturn being in house of Mars is debilitated and by contact with Moon, converts Moon into Daitya Prakarti i.e. Daityamsa. Saturn in Pisces assumes Ishwaramsa and so not mean.

Phlegmatic troubles because of Moon and windy because of Saturn. Again Moon is karka of mother and Jupiter for the native.

Chart No. 5

Referring to Chart (A) here is another similar type.

The native was born in Roudri year on the 11th day after the commencement of the month in the ascendant Aquarius.


Made him intelligent

Conjunction of Mercury and Ketu

Living Place

He lives in a capital (Jupiter is exalted)

Won Name and Fame

Sun and Saturn in Leo.

Nature & Temperament

Mercury receives the asapect of Mars and Rahu from Pisces

There is a blemish on Venus and native’s wife being duped and had relations with one other than the husband.

Venus representing the native’s partner is conjunct Jupiter who has exchange of places with Moon in Sagittarius.

(Moon is a planet of emotions and changeable and being in Sagittarius is indicated to be fiery in character. Venus is already in Moon’s sign which is inimical and also with exalted Jupiter which is again inimical. This placement of Venus in emotional sign with enemy Jupiter in exaltation makes the wife highly emotional and gives relations with others than her own husband. The exchange of Jupiter with Moon in Sagittarius places Moon in Cancer in its own sign and makes Venus highly emotional and unstable and wife (Venus) is duped. Moon is also a karka for duping. Venus has got a blemish because of association with Jupiter exalted and bitterest enemy. This also gives relations with other men than husband. The exchange between Jupiter and Moon and placing Moon in conjunction with Venus in Cancer induces an unstable and highly emotional character and as a result relationships due to the unstable emotional nature and getting deceived/duped as explained).


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