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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 26


Dr. Shanker Adawal


The native is good minded and satvic in nature.

As Jupiter has Saturn in 7th from its placement.

Eldest Born

He happens to be the eldest born (first born).

As Jupiter has no planet in the previous house and there is Ketu in Leo.

Father Livelihood

He will earn livelihood through machinery and judiciary (settlement of quarrels between the employee and employer).

The child’s father Sun in his movement forward meets Mars. Rahu in Aquarius and then again Saturn, Moon in Aries, he earns his livelihood through machinery and judiciary (settlement of quarrels between employee and employed owning machinery).

(Sun in his movement forward meets Mars (machinery) and Rahu and then again Saturn (karka of service) in Aries represents employee and employer owning machinery. Saturn in Aries sign of Mars represents so. Besides Saturn is employee and in Aries sign of Mars represents employment connected with quarrels and Moon (Saturn and Moon in Aries, so settlement of quarrels i.e. judiciary). Here Mars and Saturn have exchanged places as well.

Elopement of Mother

Saturn is placed in Aries in debilitation and this gives Saturn a worst place. Here Saturn is having a destructive mind and Asura’s qualities are at highest pitch. This is all the more so, because of exchange with Mars, the commander in chief of the Devic group. Thus under such circumstances Saturn is worst and whenever there is exchange involved with Saturn in Aries, such stories will be there. Mars is not interested in Moon as he himself is in problem being in the house of Saturn, one from Asuric group. Thus as Moon meets Saturn, it gets Daitya amsa and further as Mars moves forward, Moon gets frightened and clings more to Saturn, it is only when it meets Saturn which is debilitated conjoined with Moon and connected with Mars the elopement occurs. In first case Saturn (debilitated) with Moon with Mars in 2nd house along with Venus gave elopement of wife as Moon was next to Jupiter. In second case Saturn (debilitated) with Moon and Saturn having exchange with Mars (conjunct Rahu, Aquarius), gave elopement of mother as Jupiter was in 7th to Moon (mother). The exchange of Saturn and Mars in the other cases with association of Moon may not give elopement. This is when Saturn is in Pisces a spiritual sign and having exchange with Jupiter assumes Ishwaramsa. This would be taken later but need to look at all aspects.

Mother elopes with a chandala.

Now as regards mother (Moon as there is Saturn conjunction, it is first contact (Moon contacts the debilitated Saturn, the Chandala) Next as Saturn and Mars have exchanged places, Moon also gets Daityamsa (demons quality represented by Mars conjunct Rahu) and this explains the story of Mother as explained at beginning in details in father’s chart.

Father and Son Relationship

Relationship between father and child is not very happy.

Between Jupiter (the child in question) and Sun (father) there is Venus in the middle in the child’s horoscope. Hence this relationship between father and child is not happy (Jupiter and Venus are enemies).

Chart No. 4


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