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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 20


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Jupiter in 3rd round will be transiting in Pisces its own sign and will be having a direct aspect of Venus in 7th house which has exchange with Mercury the lord of 7th from Jupiter in Pisces. Besides Jupiter lord of 3rd round Jupiter (Pisces) is in debilitation in Capricorn Lord of Capricorn is exalted Saturn (karka of profession) with Mercury. The lord of transiting Jupiter i.e. in rotation is Jupiter placed in Capricorn (impacting Saturn) and 11th from itself which is gain. Thus the main activities will be that of marriage and employment.

The lord of 10th i.e. Jupiter from Jupiter in Pisces is in 11th sign and with exalted Saturn in Libra is strong.

As mentioned above that neither Venus nor Moon can give marriage but still Moon is stronger as having Jupiter as its depositor. Gemini is sign of Mercury which has exchange with Venus in Virgo. So as mentioned in notes that in transiting Gemini in his 3rd round Jupiter contact Mercury the owner of sign which is in Libra and having exchange with Venus in Virgo. Thus in 3rd round transit of Jupiter uses the sign and gives the result of lord if well placed. Thus the actual statement should be that in transiting Gemini Jupiter in the 3rd round contacts Venus in Virgo through its lord Mercury located in Libra.

In 3rd round transit Jupiter gives the results in various sign depending on the location of lords i.e. vitalizing lord of sign if lords have been excited earlier and failed to give results. In 3rd round the principle of depositor giving results have been used as explained in case of employment.

Immediately thereafter Jupiter contact Saturn in exaltation in Libra and so the native will be employed in government institution in a gazette rank.

Here a very important principle has been explained. A simple statement saying that Jupiter contacts Saturn in exaltation in Libra has wide connotation.

In fact Jupiter after transiting Gemini contacts Sun and Venus in Virgo in 34rd round. As explained earlier in 3rd round the planets transited excite the planet deposited in it. Here the principle is exhibited by the fact that Jupiter excites Venus and the results of its excitation is transferred to Saturn deposited in its sign Libra. Thus Jupiter while transiting over Venus in 3rd round contact Saturn in exaltation in Libra and so the native will get employed in a government institution in a gazette rank. Gazette rank because of association of Sun (karka of government) with Venus (planet of value). The principle has been explained earlier.

As Saturn is placed next to its depositor Venus, and so Saturn gains further strength. Thus as Jupiter during its 3rd round after contacting Venus and Sun actually contact Saturn in exaltation in Libra with its friend Mercury and so all the more native will be employed in a government institution in a gazette rank. Mars which is retrograde and friend of Jupiter do not stop Jupiter from activating Saturn.

Transit over Moon and Jupiter in 3rd round

This is further augmented by the fact that Jupiter contact Moon in Sagittarius and natal Jupiter in the next house. This bestows an exalted position to the native.

4th Round of Transit

In 4th round of transit the planet aspect the transiting Jupiter and convey to it the effect of Karakatwa in the form of combinations and yogas i.e. cumulative effect is transmitted as they would have given results. Earlier in 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of transit the aspect of Sun and Venus combined was not considered but now it is done even though there is no planet to be excited in Pisces. It has been discussed earlier that combination of Sun and Venus means getting property of the father. This effect was felt in 4th round.


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