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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 19


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Here in declaring the death of elder sister it appears movement of Moon has been taken as 1 year per sign. In 1st round Moon in a friendly sign Sagittarius could not have caused any damage. In 2nd round of Moon it contacts debilitated Jupiter with Mars(Registered) in 3rd house and harming Moon. Jupiter is a depositor of Moon. Thus death of sister was only possible in 2nd round of Moon. Thus in 2nd round when Moon contact retrograde Mars in Aries and retrograde Rahu in Gemini death of sister takes place (elder sister). This explains the principle of movement of karakas to get the results of person indicated by them.

Jupiter has no planet to excite in Cancer and Leo in 2nd round but in Virgo has strong Venus. This has been put as 22 years

In second round which finishes at 24 years the emphasis will be on education and on romantic affairs. Thus at 22 when Jupiter transits Mercury exaltation sign with subtle effect of Mercury due to exchange gives an upward trend in educational activity. This could be one reason. But this is not very convincing. In fact in 1st round when Jupiter transited over conjunction of Venus and Sun in Virgo and Mercury in Libra it gave drowning and escape from it. Here at 22 when Jupiter transits Mercury exaltation house Virgo it is said his educational activity will take an upward turn and conjunction with Venus in that house and entry into Libra owned by Venus indicate that marriage negotiation would take place. Thus there is great difference of activity emanating from transits of Jupiter on Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra in 1st round and in 2nd round. How this could be accounted for.

This could be accounted for in 2 ways

1. Advance natal Jupiter in2nd house for 2nd round i.e. Aquarius. Here Jupiter when crosses/comes over Mercury which is involved in the transit of 2nd round becomes lord of 5th house Gemini. This indicates educational activity which in 1st round was connected with sickness or drowning. Sun is lord of 7th each other and so marriage indication may be there. AS Sun (marriage) associated with Venus karka of marriage having exchange with Mercury karka of negotiation (it could not have been marriage as Venus is with Sun). Thus when Jupiter in 2nd round at the age of 22 transits Mercury (also karka of education) exaltation house Virgo, his educational activity will take an upwards turn and conjunction with Venus (karka of marriage with enemy Sun associated with marriage) in that house and entry into Libra owned by Venus indicates that marriage negotiation would take place.

Principle: Jupiter in each rotation to be treated as an Ascendant.

1. In 2nd round the transits of Jupiter will be on planets Sun, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in signs Virgo and Libra. Sun is karka of father and its transit in Libra for 2nd round does not speak well of father. Venus is debilitated in 1st round and for second round as karka of marriage comes to Libra in strength but there is enemy Mars in retrograde in 7th with conjunction of Saturn. This was also conjoined with Mercury the planet for negotiation. Thus it could have been marriage negotiations. As Saturn is karka of profession but from transiting Jupiter it is lord of 12th and Ascendant. The place of transit of Jupiter to be taken as the first house/Asc. Besides the lord of sign of Saturn, Venus is in 12th in debilitation. It of course mentions of marriage negotiation due to the association of Venus and nothing more.

Besides, marriage could not have taken place in 2nd round as explained by excitation of Venus which is not only engaged with Sun but in debilitation. It could also not happen by excitation of Moon as it was with Ketu and being in the sign of Jupiter just behind Jupiter and so could be a strong karka of sister but a second wife is not ruled out. Thus in 2nd round it could give negotiation only as 7th from Jupiter.

Third round of transit of Jupiter

Here main emphasis on the above principle of evaluation of transit will be as follows.


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