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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 21


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Besides in 4th round Jupiter would be in Aries whose conjunction with retrograde Mars as lord of Ascendant is there and aspect by Mercury depositor of Venus conjunct Sun (parental property). Then Moon is lord of 4th in 9th indicating foreign travels. Mars is having aspect of Saturn exalted from 7th (enemy) as lord of 10th, so opposition of seniors in service. As Saturn is exalted so higher job as well etc. This is how planets give, take and the ups and downs.

The Same principle has been explained in earlier pages

In 4th round Jupiter when transiting to its own house Pisces, he gets aspect of Venus from Virgo conjunct Sun, the native will get possession of parental property. Please refer to the earlier pages Earlier in 1st round it was only excitation of Karakatwas, in second round it was nature of aspect of planet on transiting Jupiter in matters of excitation of planets transited. In 3rd round principles vitalization by depositor and interference of signs was used. In 4th round the planet aspecting the transiting Jupiter convey their effects as indicated by virtue of their placement and conjunction. It has been indicated earlier on previous page that father has amassed some wealth due to conjunction of Sun and Venus. Father also has some parental property. He also has land and other property. This combination of Sun and Venus gives property from father as this has been aspected by Jupiter (natal). Thus the aspect of Sun and Venus on transiting Jupiter in Pisces gives possession of parental property.

Immediately after this Jupiter contacts Mars in Aries and Rahu in Gemini and about 41-42 years he gets opposition from those in higher position.

Mars and Rahu will give opposition from superiors as explained above in 4th round transit. In fact in 4th round Jupiter would be in Aries with Mars (Registered) and representing Lagna lord with aspect from strong Saturn lord of 10th (Superiors). Thus the result is given in 4th round when Jupiter contacts Mars in Aries. In 1st round it gave wounds. In 2nd round of course Mars was not activated because of Jupiter enemies Saturn and Mercury. In 3rd round this has not been discussed but as trend was it should have given dispute with brothers and brothers should have quarreled for money of father i.e. father’s brothers. In 4th round as Jupiter contact Mars which is excited now and as such being a karka of disputes and quarrel it should indicate that. Besides its enemies are Saturn exalted (karka of service) and Mercury (division, dispute) and so opposition from those higher (Saturn exalted) in position and it should be in service (Saturn is karka of service). Similar results from Rahu as it represents Mercury; besides Rahu is karka of tensions and dispute. (Here mostly emphasis has been given on aspect of planet and not so much of excitation on transiting planet. By aspect what aspecting planet transfers to transiting Jupiter in relation to even planets transited).

Jupiter when contacts Rahu in Gemini he gets aspect of Moon in Sagittarius and enabling native to go on foreign travels.

In 1st round Rahu could give gas troubles in Gemini due to excitation of its Karakatwas by transiting Jupiter. In 2nd round it could not cause any troubles as it was not excited due to aspect of enemies like Saturn and Mercury in Libra. In 3rd round when Jupiter transited Gemini its 1st duty was to finalize the marriage negotiation which was in 2nd round when Jupiter transited over Venus in Virgo which was having exchange with Mercury owner of Gemini and Virgo. Now in 3rd round Jupiter transited in Gemini it forgot to excite Rahu and give results of its Karakatwas but was more concerned in exciting or vitalizing Mercury placed in Libra and through it vitalizing Venus placed in Virgo being other sign of Mercury. So in 3rd round the principle of vitalizing was more prominent.

In 4th round now more importance is given to the aspecting planet and is impact on planet transited.


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