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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 18


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2nd round of Jupiter

In this round no doubts the Karakatwas of planets depending on the sign of placement are excited as in 1st round but aspects of planets in 7th house in the natal chart to be read with transiting Jupiter depending on enmity or friendship. Jupiter during its transit simultaneously excites the planets placed in 7th house from the natal chart. In other words it means that planet placed in 7th place from planet transited by Jupiter influences the transiting Jupiter. Why native get over the troubles from wounds and windy troubles at the age of 14-15-16 (when Jupiter in 2nd round transit in Pisces (14), Aries (15) and Taurus (16).

Here the principle of transit in 2nd round, giving different results as compared to 1st round are given. As explained above in 1st round, the transit of Jupiter in Aries Taurus gave wounds and swellings and gas troubles while transiting over Rahu in Gemini.

In the second round such results are not taking place / happening – why? Though Mars causes wounds and Rahu gas trouble. Jupiter transit of Aries and Taurus is opposed by Saturn and Mercury in Libra as they are enemies and they hinder both Mars and Rahu from causing trouble. To explain more in depth one can say that as Jupiter transits Mars and Rahu and tries to excite them to give troubles of wounds and wind (Karakatwas of Mars and Mercury) the same is hindered (excitation by Jupiter) by Saturn and Mercury who are placed in 7th house in Libra as they are enemies of Jupiter. It is inimical planets to Jupiter i.e. Saturn and Mercury which does not allow Jupiter to excite the natural Karakatwas of Mars and Rahu i.e. Mars and Rahu or not excited. Thus it is because of being not able to excite Mars and Rahu by transiting Jupiter due to placement of enemies (Saturn and Mercury) of Jupiter in 7th house the wounds and gas troubles were not caused. (Here one thing also emerges that planet in 7th house in natal chart effect transiting Jupiter and not the transited as we will see).

In 2nd round at 14 and 15 i.e. transit of Jupiter in Pisces and Aries the native will make headway in his education.

This explain another principle of transit of Jupiter in 2nd round. In fact apparently when Jupiter transits over Mars (retrograde) in Pisces and Aries, its aspect on Mercury (enemy of Mars) should crerate difficulties in his educational carrier but it was not so, Why? Here Mercury who is karka of education is strong being in the house of Venus and having aspect of natal Jupiter (9th aspect as Mercury comes in Virgo due to exchange) from Capricorn. Thus mercury being an enemy of Jupiter has not allowed Mars and Rahu to be excited to cause hindrance. Mercury on the other hand because of overwhelming strength has been able to pass its effect to transiting Jupiter i.e. educational career (Karakatwas of Mercury). This is because of the aspect of Mercury occupying the house of Venus (planets of value and friend) and having 9th aspect of natal Jupiter from Capricorn helped the native in his educational career during the transit of Jupiter in his 2nd round.

Mathematical symbol of 43 54 is applicable to retrograde planet from Moon. If Mars retrograde is 5th from Moon it shall be considered as if in 3rd and planet 7th to Mars ® would be in 4th to Moon.

Thus during 2nd round of transit, when Jupiter contact Mars (giving the results as if 3rd from Moon) and both being aspected by Mercury (giving the result as if 4th from Moon) indicate heavy expenses. Symbol 43 54 in Bhrigu Nadi is a symbol used and analysed in context to retrograde planets and delineated above for the readers to apply the test.

Jupiter in second round contacts Rahu in Gemini at 17 years of age or 17-18 years of age.

It also indicate the death of elder sister

Rahu in 2nd round give miseries nad many troubles instead of gas trouble. Here there is no check for transiting Jupiter over Rahu and so Rahu (retrograde) at the age of 17-18 causes many troubles and miseries, (earlier Rahu retrograde effect was considered in Taurus as well which was hindered by Saturn and Mercury by adjoining to it).


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