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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Children issue

Normally it is said that Sun is karka of children and Venus a giver of children.

Here Sun and Venus are together. Venus is debilitated and Sun is in Virgo along with Venus. Sun as karka of issues has been considered. Venus conjuncts Sun gives one daughter and Jupiter aspecting Sun gives another son. Thus the transit of Jupiter on Venus at 33 gives a daughter and when transiting over Saturn and Mercury could not have a boy. Of course transiting over Saturn and Mercury could not have given any issue as depositor Venus in Virgo is in 12th sign. Ketu with Moon does not allow. Thus only Jupiter aspecting Sun can give a male issue.


Jupiter the proponent of soul should come in a very weak place so that in that round it cannot sustain itself and then look for proper age in that round. Normally Rahu and Ketu play important role in culminating the life. Here Jupiter goes round and as discussed upto 4th round no problems of longevity. Now in its 5th round from 48 years to 60 years, Jupiter will progress to sign Taurus, which itself is an inimical sign for Jupiter, with aspect of natural retro Rahu which has the characteristic to swallow. Besides, Venus the lord of sign is debilitated in Virgo along with Sun and comes to Libra due to exchange.

This becomes 6th from Taurus, so in this round Taurus gets highly affected, therefore 6th round is fatal i.e. 48 to 60.

Now the life ends when Jupiter in this round comes in a critical sign. Jupiter when comes in this round crosses over Rahu in Gemini i.e. at 53 years he dies. Please remember it becomes 6th due to exchange and the association of sun cannot be neglected. This has been explained earlier.

Children: issue

At 33 a daughter is born and at 36 a boy

As regards children Jupiter contacts with Venus at 33 give him a daughter and when transiting his own place at birth at 36 he will have a boy.

These 2 children will be lucky

Venus representing daughter is associated with Sun and going to be in Libra, its own sign. Similarly Jupiter though in sign of debilitation is going to be in Pisces and over Mars in Aries.

Legal minded man

Mercury is karka of Education having Jupiter in next house along with Sun. Jupiter karka of law and justice and Sun is a royal planet, a king connected with Justice. Jupiter in Pisces is strong and helpful to Sun, thus this result. Jupiter’s move to Pisces on some plan etc. in between as also during its rounds.

Kindly temperament

Jupiter in Pisces gives good temperament and besides associated with Ketu ganana karka and Sun the karka of royal gives a magnanimous heart.

Earn fame

Sun is karka of fame and name thus Jupiter with Sun in Pisces give name and fame.

Conveyance and Earning

Saturn is a karka of service. Here Venus (karka of Vahana, earning which is strong) is placed in next to Saturn indicates good earning as well as expenses from his profession and Mars a karka of immovable property etc. with Venus fortifies it.


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