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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Educational career

The native will have no difficulties in his educational career on account of aspect of Mars to Mercury.

Though Mars and Rahu may hinder, this aspect of Mercury occupying the house of Venus and having 9th aspect of natal Jupiter from Capricorn helped the native in his educational career the transit of Jupiter in his 2nd round.

Father will have meager property

As regards the disposal of extra savings by the father, Sun representing father of the native is in conjunction with Venus but Venus is debilitated and weak in Virgo. So it is clear that the father had parental property in the shape of lands but it was not much as Venus was weak.

Father income was meager

The placement of Mercury and Saturn in the 2nd to the Sun indicates the sources of income. But as both the planets are opposed by strong Mars, who is an enemy and hence the income was meager.

Father Spent Lavishly

Sun is conjunct with Venus which is debilitated (2nd Lord to Sun’s position) i.e. Venus being 2nd Lord to sun if conjoined with Sun indicates Royal type of living.

Miseries and troubles

At 17-18 age undergoes many miseries and troubles.

Further Jupiter contacts Rahu (a retrograde planet) at the age of 17-18 which makes the native to undergo many troubles and miseries.

Elder sister

Moon representing the elder sister is in 12th to Jupiter placement at birth.

Death of elder sister

(Death of elder sister is indicated)

Moon’s movement and contact with the retrograde Mars and the natural retrograde moving Rahu makes Moon swallow up i.e. death of elder sister is indicated. (Moon moves at the rate of one year and in the 2nd round it appears to cause this evil. In the first round Ketu may not cause the trouble to Moon but in 2nd round contact with debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn with effect of retrograde Mars may cause the evil., So Moon contact Mars at 16 and comes to Taurus, inimical sign at 17 where it is having effect of natural retrograde Rahu who swallowed up Moon and the result is death of elder sister).

The disciple wanted to know the nature of education this native will have before going into the question of marriage. The master answered this as explained under. Here Mercury as karka of education is in the house of Venus which stands for arts, Mars which stands for engineering and machinery aspects, Mercury and so his education could be that of engineering.

Now regarding profession influences on Saturn karka of service has to be seen. Saturn is associated with Mercury (educational institution) and having aspect of Mars (Saturn conjunct Mercury in the house of Venus, who stands for arts and Mars who stand for engineering and machinery aspects, Saturn and Mercury) and so it can be concluded that native may have profession in engineering (Saturn aspected by Mars) and work in an Educational Institution (Mercury).

The most important aspect to be seen here is that Mercury has worked as karka of education and being in the house of Venus with aspect of Mars gave engineering education but in case of profession being with Saturn stands as karka for Educational Institution.


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