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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 13


Dr. Shanker Adawal


In the 2nd round when Jupiter entered Virgo and there was conjunction of Venus and then entered Libra, there was only marriage negotiations.

This could be that in 2nd round Jupiter enter in Aquarius sign whose lord Saturn is exalted and so the main actively was profession and Mercury connected with Venus due to exchange could only give negotiation but no marriage.

In the 3rd round Jupiter will be in Pisces from where it receives direct aspect of Venus and so marriage has to take place in 3rd round. As such it took place when Jupiter in the 3rd round after transiting in Gemini contacts Venus in Virgo which happens around 30. Here a very important principle has been carved out. Venus as in Virgo owned by Mercury and so other sign of Mercury Gemini shall give the result and if Jupiter transits in Gemini it means it contact Venus in Virgo which happens around the 30th year.

Educational Activity upward trend

His educational activity will take upward trend at 22.

At 22 when Jupiter transits Mercury exaltation house Virgo his educational activity will take an upward turn (Virgo is an exaltation sign of Mercury karka of education and besides due to exchange Mercury has subtle effect in Virgo. As per counting transit at Virgo should be 20 years but it is giving at 22 years which may be because of delay due to presence of enemy Sun)

Marriage Negotiation

Indicate that marriage negotiation take place.

Jupiter transits Virgo at 22, there is conjunction of Venus in that house and enter into Libra owned by Venus indicate that marriage negotiation take place.

Nature of Education Profession

Engineering Education, may take up profession in engineering, and work in an Educational Institution.

As Saturn is conjunct with Mercury (in the house of Venus) who stands for arts and Mars who stands for engineering and machinery aspect Saturn and Mercury, one can say that the negative may take up profession in engineering and work in an Educational Institution.

3rd round of Jupiter – marriage

Around his 30 years his marriage may take place.

After transiting Gemini in his 3rd round contacts Venus in Virgo, which happens around at 30 years.

In fact an actual transit over Virgo and contact with Venus could not have allowed marriage because of presence of its enemy Sun and above all Venus being debilitated.

Venus sends its vibration in Gemini being in sign Virgo as both signs belong to Mercury. Thus in first case with actual transits it gave negotiation but gave marriage in 3rd round when after transiting in Gemini contacts Venus in Virgo being in the sign of Mercury. One can say that Mercury being associated with Venus give result of Venus i.e. marriage.


If planet placed in a particular sign cannot give its full results of Karakatwas due to transit of Jupiter then in subsequent stages it will give the result while transiting in other sign of the planet which owned earlier sign of transit.

It all depends if advanced sign having karka is earlier or later. In the present case it was later so first it gave negotiation and subsequently it gave marriage.


The disciple wanted to know why here importance is given to Jupiter which is not the case usually as the question of livelihood is considered from Saturn movement in most of the cases. The master answers while work done is the result of Saturn, the enjoyment of that result is to the benefit of Jupiter who represents the soul.


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