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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Suffering wounds and swellings

Native will suffer from wounds and swellings on account of bad blood. The child age would be 3 to 5 years.

In the first round of 12 years, Jupiter, when enters Pisces, has the aspect of retrograde Mars in Aries and so the native will suffer from wounds and swellings on account of bad blood. The child age then would be 3 to 5 years. This includes transit in Pisces and Aries. Count a year for each sign.

Suffer from windy troubles

The child will suffer from windy troubles in his 6th year.

When Jupiter transits Gemini where Rahu is situated

Native gets well

The native gets well from all these ailments.

Probably because of transit of Jupiter in cancer and Jupiter aspecting from natal position.

Native escapes drowning

At about 9th and 10th year of the child escapes drowning.

About 9th and 10th years when Jupiter transit Virgo owned by Mercury, and Libra owned by Venus and both having exchange of planets.

Headway in Education

The native will make headway in his education.

As regards 2nd round at 14 and 15, the native will make headway in his education when Jupiter transit Pisces and Aries. (From Pisces, Jupiter aspect Venus having exchanged with Mercury and from Aries aspects Mercury)

Educational Career

As a matter of fact it is a normal thing that Mars opposing Mercury should have caused educational problems but it did not. In fact, as Jupiter transited and excited Jupiter, Mercury aspect, as enemy of Mars, did not allow Mars to do this mischief. Besides this, Mercury was also strong as it was depositor of Venus which was aspected by natal Jupiter. So the aspect of such a Mercury on enemy Mars, during transits of Jupiter over Mars, did not allow Mars to do the mischief and thus no difficulty in educational career.

Transit of Jupiter (first round explained)

In this transit of Jupiter the principles of excitation by Jupiter on the planets responsible for certain action and aspect of planets has been beautifully explained. Jupiter transit in its 1st round over Pisces, Aries over Mars and then over Rahu causing wounds and wind troubles. Mars is causative planet for wound and Rahu for wind trouble. But aspect of enemies of Mars i.e. Saturn and Mercury over Mars have not allowed it to cause troubles and resulted in recovery. In fact the inimical aspect of enemies Saturn and Mercury over Mars, being excited by transiting Jupiter, has not allowed trouble mongering by Mars. In fact Mercury is bitterest enemy of Mars and so Saturn.

Similarly Mars, as a bitterest enemy of Mercury, is functionally to cause hindrances in education and this would have been there during the transit of Jupiter over Mars, but aspect of Saturn and Mercury has acted as distracting factor and more so Mercury, due to exchange with Venus, has advantage of aspect of natal Jupiter on Venus.

Troubles getting over

The native got over the troubles from the wounds and wind at 14, 15 and 16.

Though Mars causes wounds and Rahu causes gas troubles, Jupiter transit of Aries and Taurus is opposed by Saturn, Mercury in Libra and, as they are enemies, they hinder both Mars and Rahu from their trouble mongering.


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