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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 10


Dr. Shanker Adawal

In fact Sun is in conjunction with Venus, the karka of money, and its depositor Mercury in Libra behaves like Venus and having direct aspect of Mars. Besides a more stronger relation exists because of exchange between Venus and Mercury and so, Venus will come to Libra where it gets aspect of Mars (karka for brothers).

Father amasses money

He will also amass some wealth.

As the Sun is in conjunction with Venus, he must have amassed some money through his profession.


Owned by father.

Saturn in the second house to Sun and aspected directly by Mars clearly indicates one owning some lands (probably Saturn in 2nd to Sun with direct aspect of Mars means Saturn has influence of Mars in 2nd to Sun and so some lands).

Brothers to Parent

Sun has its own son Saturn next to him aspected by Mars representing brothers to the parents.

Parent money shared

A doubt was expressed as to why Mars placed in 8th to sign occupied by Sun should be the cause for brothers sharing his money. The answer to it is that as Mercury and Venus have exchanged places, Venus who is in conjunction with Sun, gets his own amsa in Libra which is directly aspected by Mars in Aries. Hence the parent gives away money (Venus amsa) to his brother (aspect of Mars).

Brothers and sisters

Native is the second born. He had one elder sister to him, five brothers and a sister born after him.

Here the placement of Jupiter is in Capricorn all alone. There is Moon in previous sign to the one occupied by Jupiter. Hence he has one elder sister.

Jupiter represents the native and in his transits he crosses (1) Mars, (2) Rahu, (3) Sun, (4) Saturn, (5) Mercury and so he will have five younger brothers and as there is Venus over which Jupiter transits in his first round, he will have one younger sister.

Native escapes drowning

Jupiter when transits in Virgo (Virgo karka of well) owned by Mercury which has Sun and Venus debilitated; both enemies and so not good together. It is to be noted that Virgo sign represents well. However transit of Jupiter over the Sun and Venus combination is not good. Transit of Jupiter over the Sun and Venus combination is not good. Transit over Libra definitely is not good as its Lord is in 12th to the sign and aspected by Mars. As such this transit is also bad and dangerous. Why he escapes? It is because of exchange between Venus and Mercury. Due to exchange Mercury subtle effect on Virgo sign means Mercury gets exalted and Venus gets its own sign Libra making them become strong and life is saved. It should be noted that transit in Virgo was also bad as Venus was debilitated along with enemy Sun.

Native gets well

It is not because of the aspect of Jupiter (natal) on transiting Jupiter, but because of reasons given hereunder. Mars causes wounds and Rahu wind troubles. Jupiter transit of Aries and Taurus is opposed by Saturn and Mercury in Libra, and as they are enemies (enemies of Mars) they hinder both Mars and Rahu from their trouble mongering.

Transit of Jupiter

Regular transit of Jupiter from birth indicates ages at which the native suffers from disease, obtains happiness and indicates marriage of children etc. during several rounds.


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