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Vastu Shastra: Selection of Land, Chapter III, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

15. If an additional site is acquired and located towards the East or North of the existing house- good for the resident of the house.

16. If front side is short, back side is long – good Land.

17. If front side is long and the back side is short – not good for residential purpose but good for business or industrial purpose.

18. If North-East corner is cut-off- not good, causes accident.

19. If northern side is longer than the southern side – it is good.

20. If Southern side is longer – not good.

21. If the four Sides of the Land are equal – good Land.

22. If the length is more than the width by I/6th or I/8th it is good, but if the length is more than 114th, it is not good.

23. If the northern side is longer – good for house.

24. If the sides are not straight – not good Land.

25. If two sides are long and two are short, the short sides must be half of the longside.

26. Land with for equal angles – good.

27. Land with four or eight sides – good.

28. Land with six sides – not good.

29. Levelled Land and white colour of the Land are appropriate for everybody.

30. Never purchase a site which sharply extends towards Northwest, Southeast or South west.

31. Northwest and Southwest angles may always be 90 degree or more.

32. Smaller side and uneven surface are good for Garden or Industrial purpose.

33. Square side – not good.

34. Stony Land with wild growth- good for industrial purposes.

35. The Northeast and Southeast angles have always to be 90 degree or less.

36. There should be deep Channels provided in the Northeast comer to flow out dirty rain water.

37. To check the site, draw a diagonal line from the Northeast to Southwest comer and a line from the Northwest to Southeast comer. First line should be greater than the second line.

38. Triangular Land with unequal sides – not good.

39. Two sides bigger in width and two small in length – the Land is good.


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