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Vastu Shastra: Selection of Land, Chapter III, Part - 1

Chapter 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Selection of land as per the cannons of Vastu is necessary and the land is judged on the basis of length, breadth, height and other related factors. Our classics have divided the lands in three sections.

1. Brahmin Land: - This land is full of fragrance which is considered good for construction of buildings.

2. Khstrya Land: - This land smells like blood.

3. Vaishya Land: - This land which is yellow in colour.

4. Shudra Land: - The land which is near graveyard or cremation ground is called shudra land and it is not used for construction work.

Auspicious site

1. Ayata - Length 10 danda, Breadth 7 danda –Allsuccess.

2. Chaturashra – Length 9 danda, Breadth 8 danda, Income.

3. Britya – Length 15 danda, Breadth 13 danda- fulfillment of necessities.

4. Bhadrasana – Length 12 danda, Breadth 11 danda Health and wealth.

(Danda = 8 x 18”, (preferably by hand-measurement of the Owner). These Danda measurement can be increased in the same ratio and decreased to the minimum of 4 Danda x 18”.)

1. A dirty Land, smells badly – not a good Land.

2. A Land full of thorny bushes and dry wild grass – not good for residential purposes, ordinary Land.

3. A Land having trees like Mango, Gooseberry, Papaya, Guava, Pomegranate – good Land.

4. A Land having trees like Sami, Neern, Babool, Oak- medium Land.

5. A land should not be located in between two bigger Lands.

6. A Land with a big and deep pit in the centre is not good.

7. A Land with many Pits – good for a Well or Pond.

8. A Land with Tulsi Plants – good for residential purpose.

9. A Site full of hollows is not a good Site.

10. A Site having roads in four directions (i.e. East, North, South and West)- best site.

11. Circular side- not good.

12. Dry Land is best for Conference Hall, or some other Public purposes.

13. Elevation inland in the Western and Southern sectors of the plot brings prosperity and greater achievement for resident people.

14. If the measurement from east to west is more than the measurement from north to south – the Land is not good.


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