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Mars & Mercury: Retrograde Mercury, Chapter XXIII, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Retrograde Mercury in the 3rd house tells the individual that he must communicate with people on all levels of thought, for giving in communication is as important as receiving. Third house Mercury enjoys being stimulated intellectually, but must learn that it, too, must stimulate.

In a minor way, this location of a retrograde Mercury shows a poor relationship with siblings and other relatives and neighbors. To transmute this would require the native assuming a more democratic and realistic approach in relationships with others.

Four House: This shows that the person was responsible for much disharmony around him, since the 4th house defines how we influence others by our personality development (our home is not only the physical structure of the house, but also the auric field in which the physical body is housed).

Retrograde Mercury in the 4th house tells that the individual was far too restless, impulsive, rash and often offensive in speech (especially if in Taurus or Scorpio) to those who came within his sphere of influence.

Perhaps the esoteric interpretation of the glyph of Mercury is the best example for the lesson involved in retrograde Mercury in the 4th house. The crescent represents the personality: the circle represents the divinity or divine spark within; the cross is the cross of matter. In this glyph, Mercury represents being the instrument of our spiritual and mental equipment. Too often, we crucify the spiritual within us on the cross of physical life. Thus, the retrograde Mercury demands that the individual present himself positively and more spiritually in his contacts with others. Esoterically, Mercury represents the bi-polar quality; again emphasizing the need for balance which was not achieved in a past lifetime. This balance demonstrates itself through our auric field.

Fifth House: Retrograde Mercury here could easily shows that the person was rather indiscreet, careless, and untruthful in love affairs. The person did not discriminate very well, not communicate well, with those with whom there had been any romantic entanglements. Undoubtedly, the individual did not prefer the responsibilities involved in raising children, and could very easily have paid too much attention to the lighthearted pleasures of living, with little regard to the responsibilities involved in life itself.

Leo, being the natural ruler of the 5th house, could imply that false pride was a dominating characteristic of the past, and the retrograde Mercury emphasizes that this quality was the channel through which the individual communicated his personality to others.

The lesson, with retrograde Mercury in the 5th house, is that of proper motives in romantic affairs, the assumption of responsibilities of those in our care, and the proper discrimination in pleasures.

Sixth House: Retrograde Mercury in this position focuses attention on the nervousness, restlessness, and impatience on the past of the individual in a past lifetime. This person would have lacked discrimination and certainly would not have been one who enjoyed being of service to others. The individual certainly did not relate well with public needs or public interests, having little or no respect for the average human being. The tendency would have been to be far too critical, even to the point of being sarcastic, of public trends, those with whom he worked, or who worked under him. There would have been an inability to communicate properly with any of these because of a lack of rapport. All this is further emphasized by the fact that Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house and has dominion over discrimination and serviced. Therefore, the retrograde Mercury would bring in the qualities of being negative discriminative, of judging too quickly, and of being too impatient.

It could very well be, also, that a degree of mental snobbishness of Gemini would be involved here, indicating that, in a past life, the person held his fellow man in contempt.


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