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Mars & Mercury: Retrograde Mercury, Chapter XXIII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Always to be remembered, with Mercury, is the service aspect. From the viewpoint of service, the person would probably be thrown into the same situation where service would be demanded of him, and it would be in the same type of service as given in the past. For example: If you were a teacher in the past (there can be an abuse in teaching), the tendency would be to be thrown into the same areas of teaching. There is a subconscious element (remember Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house, which is opposite to the 12th house), so the person might have a subconscious reaction to stay away from that in which he did not succeed in the past. The tendency would be to come into this life with all influences channeling you into the instructional field, and the retrograde Mercury would cause you to attempt to avoid it. Remember, Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo; Virgo rules the 6th house of service; it opposes the 12th house of the subconscious and karma – it all ties in.

The lesson to the learned in this lifetime, with a retrograde Mercury, regardless of where it is located in the chart, is to conduct oneself in the right manner and for the right reasons – motives are very important when it come to a retrograde Mercury in a chart.

First House: Retrograde Mercury in the 1st house would indicate that the person would find it difficult to make decisions, for it slows down the thinking. Normally, Mercury is a very fast planet and causes one to think fast, speak fast, each fast; everything is done quickly, even to making snap decisions. The negative condition of a retrograde Mercury in the 1st house states that the individual should not speak first and think afterwards.

A retrograde Mercury in the 1st house would bring about negative quality traits and indicate that the person would have to learn patience, the proper use of discrimination, not to judge too quickly, to communicate constructively with people and, of course, to be of service to others.

It brings a restlessness and nervousness to the personality of the individual – a lack of continuity in effort. The person would tend to initiate many projects, but complete relatively few.

If, at the person’s birth, Mercury was retrograde, and ten days later it went direct, it would mean that in the tenth year the person would be subject to change. This would be his potential at that time. This is based on the theory of a day for a year when doing progressions. All retrograde planets are focal points in the chart, so that, in this case, it makes the native’s tenth year important from the viewpoint of the Mercury qualities.

Second House: This location would make for a rash, impulsive type of spender, a person whose values would fluctuate according to moods and events in his life, day by day. Since Mercury does emphasize the mundane sine of life, too much attention was placed on material security in the past, with little regard for the higher qualities of life.

Observe, here, that retrograde Mercury in the 2nd house opposes the 8th house of higher values and higher learning in the search for truth, so that the lesson, with a retrograde Mercury in the 2nd house, is to exercise proper discrimination as to what is really important and what is not important, not to place attention on the external features of life as being the center of being.

Third House: Retrograde Mercury here is emphasized since Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house and Mercury rules Gemini. Probably the most important quality to be considered, with a retrograde Mercury in the 3rd house, is that of communication. What it indicates is that the individual, in the past, did not communicate too well with others, mainly because of the combination of the qualities of Gemini and Virgo. The individual tended to discriminate improperly in that if someone were not intelligent enough, the native did not even bother with him. This is a normal Gemini trait anyway, for if Geminis feel you are not interesting, they don’t want to be bothered – they are snobbish only in an intellectual manner. They demand people be interesting – mentally.


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