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Mars & Mercury: Retrograde Mercury, Chapter XXIII, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The lesson to be learned, with retrograde Mercury in the 6th house, is patience, understanding, respect for social trends, to be of service where public needs are concerned, without hope for personal reward.

Seventh House: This would indicate that, in the past, the individual was the cause of the dissolution of any partnership, be it job, or marriage. Undoubtedly, the important features concerned were, with retrograde Mercury, that of being overly critical, much too impatient, improper values, self-centeredness, unreliability, and, very possibly, deceit, not only to others, but self-deception as well (opposite the 1st house of self).

The person with a retrograde Mercury in the 7th house would certainly have not entertained the best of motives in any partnership established in a past lifetime, nor would that person have communicated his ideas properly and correctly.

Retrograde Mercury in the 7th house requires that the individual be sincere, have proper motives, and rationalize carefully before entering into any partnership, be it marriage or job.

Eighth House: Here, too, this position shows that the person entertained low, materialistic values in the past, was superficially interested in the search for truth, was the cause of his own undoing when it was concerned with how things ended, whether it be a job, a project, or a friendship, or life itself. The person’s impulsiveness, rashness in both speech and action, caused all things to end negatively.

This could also have been the false prophet of the past.

The lesson to be learned here is to be more rational in thought and action, so that all things are completed positively and completely, nothing is left undone, and there are no repercussions. It requires that the person be sincere in the search for truth and how he communicates this to others, how he disseminates knowledge in a correct way.

This person must be very discriminative as to what groups he becomes involved with – should avoid witchcraft groups, followers of Satan, séances, etc. Truth should be understood and clarified in a practical, down-to-earth manner. By being an example of truth, he could transmute retrograde Mercury in the 8th house in the finest way.

Ninth House: Here, the rashness of Mercury is also emphasized. The person with retrograde Mercury in the 9th house could easily have been a tumble-weed in life, going from here to there, with no direction, no purpose, no plan. Similar to a retrograde Jupiter, it could indicate the individual who was a religious fanatic or bigot in the past, tolerating no one else’s opinion except his own. Improper speech and action in religious beliefs or philosophy caused animosities and enemities in the past (it does square the 12th house of secret enemies).

Here, again, you have superficial knowledge and a lack of application of knowledge to actual living conditions. The person, undoubtedly, was involved with negative groups, whose activities brought him into conflict with accepted situations and/or the law. An afflicted Mars to retrograde Mercury would indicate that the person spent some time in confinement because of his actions and beliefs.

The lesson to be learned, with retrograde Mercury in the 9th house, is a true search for higher knowledge and higher self, to live from the Christ center within, to see truth in all of its variables, to learn and apply this learning to all areas of life in a practical, down-to-earth manner. This person should respect all religions and all philosophies, even though contrary to his own. Despite his own beliefs, there needs to be a respect for law and order and for established institutions. Retrograde Mercury here also shows that the person must respect the rights and freedoms of others.


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