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Mars & Mercury: Retrograde Mercury, Chapter XXIII, Part - 1

Chapter 23

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Whenever a retrograde Mercury is in a chart, the native will find that the manner in which he communicates to others and the tendency towards having an impractical approach to life are being repeated from a past lifetime. The retrograde Mercury will also bring to the individual a nervous condition, a restlessness, as a carry over from a past lifetime; a tendency to go on not only nerve energy, but also to react in a nervous manner to all facets of life. This would bring about the quality of worry or fear. Every item or detail in a person’s life would be worried over, fussed about, etc.

It shows that the person’s thought, approach or thinking process in the past, by being impractical, rash, impulsive, resulted in confusion and chaotic conditions in past lifetimes. If repeated now, the life would be characterized by the same confusion and chaos.

It should always be remembered that the higher octave of Mercury prefers precision, orderliness, perfection. The lower octave of Mercury couldn’t care less, so that the person must learn to work through the higher octave of Mercury now. This is where the focus should be and what the person should attempt to achieve.

One of the things to watch, with a retrograde Mercury, is that the person might strive, in overcoming this, to become too perfect, bringing upon himself frustration, since few can reach perfection. The native could very easily be falling short of his goals and would be subject to disappointment. There would be a tendency to evaluate others according to their degree of perfection. In an ordinary housewife, with a retrograde Mercury, she would be a fuss-budget, everything would have its place and have to be there – in drawers or near little piles, etc. She could be the woman in the T.V. commercial who enters a room and says, “My, you have cats, don’t you?” She would be very quick to criticize where others are concerned, since Mercury, as the ruler of Virgo, bases it all upon her own standards.

In attempting to transmute retrograde Mercury, you could also invite additional karma by overcoming a certain trait and by swinging to the opposite polarity. The individual could transmute one and bring up something negative on the other end. Care should be used when converting negative qualities of retrograde planets into something positive.

Sometimes, with a retrograde Mercury, you might have been a writer in the past – it does rules the written as well as the oral word – if in Scorpio, you probably wrote book such as the Marquis de Sade – pornographic literature.

Many times, a person with a retrograde Mercury doesn’t care that he says or how he says it, what he writes or how he writes it, especially true if this Mercurial condition is posited in Leo. Leos are very blunt, direct and frank, anyway. It wouldn’t be the most constructive location for a retrograde Mercury, since ten the Leo certainly would use the power of the word to push people around.

In Aries, the retrograde Mercury would enhance the bossiness, the lack of patience with others who can’t do a job as well as the native does it. In other words, it would bring in that impatient quality or lack of tolerance for people who are not as clever as the Arians. Also, some people can really verbally lash out at others. Aries does no do this as much as Virgo. Geminis can put people in their place very nicely. Although Aries are bossy and pushy, they are not as Virgos and Leos are.

With a retrograde Mercury, it is quite possible that the person wrote in the past and would, in all probability, write the same thing again. This is because there is a tendency to repeat action from the past, nor only in character, but also in action. Remember, too, that Mercury always deals with the mundane, the practical, so that the retrograde Mercury would likewise be so involved. The person’s mental interests could be identical from the past and have the same manner of expression.


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