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Mars & Mercury: Impact of Critical Understanding, Chapter XXII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

In this Mahadasa of Mercury the Antardasa or sub-periods of Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Venus and Ketu are good. The bad sub periods are those ruled by Mercury itself, or the Moon, Mars or Jupiter. If Mercury is in the ascendant, the House of Wealth, the Fifth House, the Seventh House, the Ninth House, the Tenth House, the House of Profit or the House of Expenditure, its Mahadasa is good. In other places the Mahadasa is bad.

For the zodiac signs, signs, ordinarily, the following traits apply: Aries – ordinarily good, Leo – superlative, Sagittarius – even better than Leo, Libra – good, Aquarius – ordinarily good, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – ordinarily bad, Cancer, Scorpio, Scorpio and Pisces – very inauspicious.

This is what the ancient astrologers said about the Mahadasa:

Baidhyanath: Paakadau vifalam sarva shubhamante prayachchati. The beginning is not good but the end is beneficial.

Parashar: Dashaadou dhanadhaanya cha vidhyaalaabho mahat sukham. Putrakalyaanasampatihi sanmaarge dhanalaabhakritaha. Madhye narendrasanman mante dukha bhavishyati. The beginning of this period is marked with getting great wealth, completion of education, birth of children and good character. In the middle phase the person gets honoured by the king but the last phase is unhappy.

They both contradict each other so it has to be observed who is right. In my opinion whether this period is beneficial or not depends on the influence of Mars. If Mercury is in a beneficial influence in Mars, the Mahadasa is good and if not then the reverse holds true. In effect it is the position of Mars which should be observed when predicting the effects of Mahadasa of Mercury.

The Final Word

Ordinarily Mercury affects the state of a person’s life. When a person gets admission to college, it ends but there are people who even after graduating continue with their pursuit of education. They do go on to get doctorates and other such high degrees and these people’s lives are clearly governed by Mercury. Layers, teachers and clerks are always dependent on knowledge and hence their lives are ruled by Mercury.

Though astrologers have said it is a gender neutral planet I disagree.

One more important feature is that Mercury is greatly influenced by the other planets or influences it is in conjunction with. It is like the old saying “How come the water shows 13 different colours? The answer is that it shows the colour that is mixed into it”. Similar is the condition of Mercury. I, however, believe that Mercury does have some properties of its own. If it is retrograde, it can destroy mankind but ordinarily Mercury is a very significant beneficial planet.

Shanker Adawal

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