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Mars & Mercury: Mercury & Nadi Astrology, Chapter XXV, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

For native he comes across a female (a friend) who could be a teacher or involving in medical profession.

For female chart also the above indications remains vice-versa. There will be wide traveling aspects. The native enjoys social status.

Mars is in the house of Mercury. Mercury is in the house of mars. On account of interchange with Mars who goes to his own house Virgo, then Mercury gets exaltation status.

Male native: Firstly, he will have some opposite sex relations, but later on he cannot marry that girl, but marries some other girl.

Female chart: for her, a boy will be fixed up for marriage, but fails and marries another boy.

Mercury is in Libra with his enemy Dragon-Tail and this indicating Mercury loses his strength, but he is retro in this chart, indicating the native of this chart was under control with an opposite sex and when she herself abandons him, the native can see some bright light and also the female who abandons also enjoys great prosperity after she abandons the native (i.e. during the period he was under the control he will be a dullard). The native during initial stages of life will have some sufferings due to stammering problems, besides auric problems in ear hearing etc.) which require attention.

The native will have knowledge in law. One of the maternal uncles of the natives suffers due to disputes, restlessness, unhappiness in family life.

The native will have to encounter with some disputable aspects, pertaining to landed property but later on the property gets disposed.

Mercury in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, But Mercury is exalted – how?

Jupiter is in the house of Mercury. Mercury is in the house of Jupiter. According to interchange Mercury comes to his own house due to interchange Mercury comes to his own house due to interchange with Jupiter. Jupiter is the native, Mercury is intellect and hence it is an indication that the native will have to go to distant places for gaining knowledge and education. Sagittarius is the sign of Teacher, where Mercury goes to that particular house for gaining knowledge.

The native is highly knowledgeably and the native will have landed property in two places. The native during the ages of 39-40 or 50-51 involves in a female affairs.

The native is a good speaker, clever one.

Saturn is in Virgo, Mercury in Aquarius, in this chart Mercury is not exalted, but though the interchange with friend Saturn, he comes to Virgo. Mercury indicating business/intellect, where Saturn is the Karma. The native will have beneficial aspects in traveling, by changing places.


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