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Mars & Mercury: Mercury & Nadi Astrology, Chapter XXV, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Also, Mercury is the governing planet of Holy Water (pertaining to Lord Maha Vishnu, in Sanskrit called “Vishnu Thirtha” and it indicates the native was born in place where there was Holy Pond/Holy water/Holy River, pertaining to the concept of Lord Maha Vishnu (because Mercury is the entwined embodiment concept of Lord Maha Vishnu as discussed in previous paragraphs).

Regarding health: Such native must take regarding problems pertaining to Tonsils and extra growth of flesh in nose portion (which may require some minor surgical operation – depending upon the degree).

The grand mother of the native will be quite intelligent, besides having charitable nature. Some for native’s younger sister in her family life suffers due to accusations and she may not get a suitable husband. And one of the members of native’s family will be quite intelligent, but often suffers breaks in efforts.

Mercury is exalted with Dragon-Head and Mars, hence intelligence, over intellect and egoistic Mars including Dragon-Head (aggressive) nature aspects and hence the native’s intelligence suffering due to egoism, andacity etc.

One of native’s grand father (maternal side) will have fighting/quarreling nature due to aggressiveness and one of native’s brother, either through friend or vehicles suffers injuries.

Common (male and female natives) – involves in love affairs, leading to some problems.

Mercury in Virgo and there are friendly planets of Venus and Dragon-Head. Native speaks sweetly, quite a sociable type can conveniently trap opposite sex for his gains, enjoys extra marital affairs (besides wife) and also the grandfather also having secret female relations and the grand father will be wealthy, will possess landed property.

Native’s wife quite and intelligent, one having relation with opposite sex, and one of native’s maternal uncle (for both male and female chart) involves in low class love affairs (here Venus is debilitated).

Native enjoys landed property Mercury is land, Venus (the symbolic representatives of wealth, in Sanskrit called “Gruha Lakshmi”) and native enjoys/owns multistory properties (atleast a two-storied building), here Dragon-Head (indicating storied building).

Jupiter and Mercury is in Virgo, Mercury is exalted, indicating special intelligence. Jupiter, the guide in Sanskrit called aspect of “Vidya Guru”.

Here, the peculiarity is that a Master/Guru need not worry about marriage at all, because either he or she will have affection and adjustments (between Master and Disciple), pertaining to above chart.

The native will be polite, pious, attractive and sociable.

Mercury and Saturn in Virgo, who are friends. Native is an intellectual one, idealistic, interested in intellectual pursuits besides commercial field also.

One of younger brother/sister, although can be intellectual but will be lazy lethargic, slow in educational aspects.

Exalted Mercury is with Moon and Jupiter, Mercury is the son of Jupiter (in sense) and this combination denotes a secret affairs regarding the native’s birth. In the native’s house there lies some secret history. (Regarding the birth of Budha and according to Mythological reasons in Indian versions it is so.)

Although the native is having intellect, but because of Moon, the intellect is covered by Moon (cunningness). The native is a good hearted person by nature, but he has to pose like a guide (because of Jupiter and anyhow the status-quo of cunningness is there.


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