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Mars & Mercury: Mercury & Nadi Astrology, Chapter XXV, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Let us discuss how Mercury becomes debilitated?

Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury in Pisces. In this chart Mercury is debilitated according to position of planets. But they are having exchange of their positions. When Mercury comes in his own house (Virgo) due to interchange with Jupiter then Mercury becomes exalted. Therefore it need not be considered as debilitation of Mercury and the native, although in material aspects may look a bit dull but his progress and prosperity during his sojourn of life are quite tremendous and by knowledge he can claim a greater degree of importance and this is because of direct aspect between Mercury and Jupiter who are in 7th sign to each other. Therefore he can attract the public, because of his knowledge too. Anyhow, the native will have to go to distant places for gaining knowledge (traveling aspect).

Mercury is in Pisces with his friends Dragon-Head and exalted Venus. Mercury is really debilitated in Pisces but because of his two friends combination debilitation reduces to some extent.

The native is quite an intelligent one and although looks on the surface, a bit dull, inside he is quite intelligent and he can rise to any occasion. He enjoys wealthy aspects, having female attractions. Live in a two-storied house and will have extra marital affairs.

One of the sisters of the native suffers due to difficulties, unhappiness in her family life.

In the previous chart Mercury was with Venus and Dragon-Head. In this chart Saturn is also included and hence the native can earn a lot in business dealings, besides storing money and also having enjoyments through various means.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces. Lord of Pisces is in Gemini with Saturn and Dragon-Head. As it is. Mercury is debilitated, but by interchange Mercury gains much support by association with close friends Saturn and Dragon Head. The native during the initial stages cannot show his intellectual abilities, but on subsequent sojourn of life, while coming across a Guru (a learned Master), picks up his intellectual ability for future prosperity and gains. Enjoys good profitability in business affairs, becomes a tycoon, quite a knowledgeable one, and earns a lot.

The native has to come across a female attraction near a sea sore or bank of river (Pisces is the sign of water).

N.B.: If Moon is also in Pisces, indicating the native has to meet an opposite sex near a seashore or banks of river or in any water bound areas.

Mercury is debilitated, Jupiter is exalted, Saturn is in Scorpio (according to directional aspect) there are Mercury + Jupiter + Saturn. In this connection Mercury does not lose his strength but he will have more than exalting strength (according to trinal aspects).

The native is an educate done, enjoys good status in professional field. One of the younger brothers of the native will be quite a knowledgeable person, who enjoys good status.


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