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Mars & Mercury: Mercury & Nadi Astrology, Chapter XXV, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury is exalted in Virgo and is with inimical planet Mars. So by nature, the native will have quarreling aspects. The native can be quite calculative. Mercury is intellect. Mars is egoism and hence free-flow of expression of intelligence becomes cheered due to conjunction of Mars. Hence, such a native may not fare well in domestic affairs and its happiness etc.

In female charts she has to have an affairs with another man, besides her husband. Because, she cannot stay with her husband for substantial time. The same remains for a male chart also.

Common to both male/female chart: The native’s brother/brothers will not have harmonious relationship among them.

In case if Sun is in Leo, the two planets Mercury and Mars comes in second to Sun. Then the native’s father will be courageous, calculative, who earns well through business/correspondence/accountancy field.

Mercury is exalted who is with enemy Dragon-Tail where Dragon Tail is the controller and hence the native cannot express his intelligence/intellect freely.

The native will be quite knowledgeable pertaining to legal matters. Such natives may lose strength in the psychological facilities like ears, sight (eye sight) earlier when compared to other natives and auric powers may get suffered.

Mercury governs greens, agriculture. One of the native’s younger brother/sister may not find happiness during their sojourn of life.

Male native: At ages of 18 and 36 there will be litigational aspects and prior to such ages there will be involvements in opposite sex. Same for female charts also.

Mercury in Virgo who is with Moon and Dragon-Tail, where mind is Moon and Dragon-Tail, the wireless, thoughts/clairvoyance are qualities of such native. Such native can gather knowledge with less efforts will have poetic knowledge, literature, news/communication etc. In Sanskrit versions it is said “Buddhi karmanusarini” – i.e., to say, even their mind will be working accordingly to meet the above qualities.

Intellect and intuitional powers are extremely important, because, a blind man, can be more useful than a man with eye-sight, besides he could be more powerful too.

Mercury and his attachment with worldly affairs are just symbolic. Even scientifically, if a man holds some mercury in his palm, Mercury does not stick, but it will be working mercuric. Also, Mercury although a male planet, when alone is a female planet and people of single Mercury cannot avoid involvement with opposite sex affairs. It is like this. If a woman wears saree, then it called a saree. If a man wears Dhoti, then the Dhoti resembling a saree can be use either as Dhoti or a saree (depending on the circumstances).

Also it can be noted here that three planets, who are generally considered as male planet are also female planets.

(1) Mercury (already discussed above)

(2) Moon – Male (for ladies), female (for men)

(3) Dragon-Tail – The projection part of genital organ of man and for female the Clitoris (the vaginal portion of woman is divided in the form of a line, the clitoris or from the next of cervix) and this dividing portion indicating Dragon Tail.


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