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Mars & Mercury: Mercury – Marriage & Sex, Chapter XXXII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

10. Mercury in 7th house may denote much correspondence or traveling in connection with matrimony. This would be particularly so if the lord of the 3rd house is in the 7th or the lord of the 7th house is in the third or there is some aspect between the lords of the 3rd and 7th houses. If the aspect is a favourable one traveling or correspondence would result in success. But if the aspect be an evil one, it would be otherwise.

11. If Mercury in 7th is not conjoined with any planet, note carefully the aspects it forms and the sign it is in.

(a) If well aspected by Jupiter the wife/husband would be good, clever, active and progressive.

(b) If Mercury is afflicted in the 7th house the conjugal life of the native may be full of bickering and wrangling.

(c) If much afflicted and the lord of the 7th house be not strong it may give rise to legal trouble in connection with marriage.

12. When there is no planet in the 7th house and Mercury is the Ruler of the horoscope the native would be well advised to avoid litigation because unless well aspected by Jupiter such litigation, may result unfavourably for the native.

13. Mercury in the 8th house signifies worries pertaining to the financial affairs of the partner. It also denotes some quarrels in relation to getting money from husband/wife or their relations. This would be particularly so if Mercury is afflicted.

14. Mercury in 11th if in Cancer; the native may be attached to inferiors.

15. Mercury is a very volatile planet and easily absorbs the good or bad qualities of other planets in conjunction or in aspect with it. Its position vis-à-vis other planets is therefore very important.

16. Mercury is considered an eunuch and if this planet be in a female nativity in the seventh house unfortified by any benefic and the lord of the seventh is not strong, the native’s husband may not be very virile.

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