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Mars & Mercury: Mercury and Marital Affairs, Chapter XXXIII, Part - 1

Chapter 33

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The dualist Mercury has a significance no less than Jupiter but it is neglected or is endowed with very little importance as compared to him. Mercury rules over faculty of brain, wisdom and intelligence, logic and power of understanding. The mind is of the foremost importance, Being an intellectual planet, Mercury can give highly intelligent, ingenious and analytical brain while affliction of Mercury, on the other hand, under certain specific conditions, mean, loss of mental power resulting into insanity.

Age of Mercury according to sign under occupation – Mercury behaves like a boy (Kumar Awastha) if it is posited in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. It provides a great desire of learning throughout the life, unexpressible enthusiasm and love and curiosity towards knowledge of different subjects and their various branches. Such persons have a powerful mental inclination towards acquisition of knowledge and to understand the logic and complications. They are also easily provoked to anger and passion, and talk too much. They try to make other convinced by their own views and with logic.

In Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, Mercury is dealt as a youth (Tarun Awastha). Native having this position of Mercury are most knowledgeable persons. They have a clear and wide understanding of many subjects. They are mostly experts but such persons are also very proud of their knowledge, who do not usually compromise with the circumstances. They are aggressive and can easily get involved into quarrel and can create a dispute, as they cannot tolerate their opposition or even their criticism. They are very passionate too.

Mercury attains maturity in Praudha Awastha in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This is a good disposition of Mercury as it provides balanced thoughts and firm ideas. The thoughts are not changeable and there is no vacillation of ideas. He advises appropriately and correctly. He is not proud of knowledge as such he never misuses his intelligence.

Mercury reaches its old age or Vriddha Awastha in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signs. This is not a good disposition of Mercury in general. They mostly misuse their brain power. They do not perform their duties in a righteous manner. They have a tendency to criticize and try to find fault in others and are mostly expert in that. They use their intelligence for the adverse causes.

Significance of Mercury – Mercury is the significator of speech, intelligence, expression, discrimination, education, learning, knowledge, mathematics, accounts, logics, medical knowledge, profession, writing, publishing, leafy trees, ability, trade, business, printing work, composition, memory and remembrance, poetry, sculpture, astrologer, author, chief servant, clerk, teacher, neighbours, advocate, broker, brain, lungs, hands, tongue, stomach, leprosy and leucoderma, post and telegraph services, bank, insurance, translator, typist, mills, railway services and chartered account or accounts offer etc.

The branches of education signified by Mercury – Mercury is the Karaka of education in general and in particular it signifies mathematics, dance, teaching, medical science, astrology, grammar, examinations and tests, acts and law, palmistry, psychology, typing, trigonometry, calculus, engineering – Maths, expert of finger prints etc.

Mercury also signifies ambassadors of the country, policy making, compromise, accumulation of wealth, minister and secret documents etc.

Profession which come under the control of Mercury

1. Writer, author, poet, Editor, novelist and story or essay writer.

2. Teacher, lecturer, professor, research scholar and inventor.

3. Astrologer, palmist, expert in occult sciences like numerology and face reading etc.

4. Trader, businessman and manufacturer.

5. Registrar, Peshikar vendor (reader to Magistrate) and stamp seller.

6. Publisher, printer, compositor, proof reader and typist.


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