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Mars & Mercury: Mercury – Marriage & Sex, Chapter XXXII, Part - 1

Chapter 32

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Mercury in the 5th house if afflicted by Mars or Herschel: there is some scandal or ill repute pertaining to love affairs.

2. Mercury in the 7th house denotes much wordy warfare in the married life and a marriage partner who would be too talkative, critical and argumentative. If Mercury occupies a good sign and is well aspected the partner’s talks would be full of wit and wisdom. But if occupying a bad sign or ill aspected the wife/husband would be garrulous and would talk mostly nonsense.

Generally speaking, Mercury denotes a clever wife/husband who may not always be relief upon if Mercury is afflicted.

3. Mercury in the 7th house in conjunction with or in sextile aspect, to Venus: the native is very fond of persons of young age and the native may marry or fall in love with a person much younger than himself.

4. If there is no planet in the 7th and Mercury is the lord of the 1st or 7th and in conjunction or sextile aspect to Venus and unaspected by any other planet, the same effect as in No. 3 above.

5. Mercury in 7th in conjunction with or afflicted by Mars gives the husband/wife who is quick-witted but sarcastic in speech and hotly argumentative.

6. Mercury in 7th in good aspect to Moon or Jupiter is a favourable indication in a male nativity.

7. Mercury in 7th in company with Sun would be favourable if the latter planet is strong and lord of a good house.

8. Mercury in 7th when it conjunction with a planet takes the attributes of that planet and denotes a partner signified by that other planet. This would be particularly so if that other planet is near the cusp of the 7th house or if Mercury be within orb of influence of that planet. (Also look to aspects it is receiving).

9. Mercury in 7th house if unaspected by any planet gives a husband/wife who is lean and thin, young and very talkative.


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