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Mars & Mercury: Mercury Transiting the Houses, Chapter XXXI

Chapter 31

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Refrain from making statements that might be subject to misinterpretation. A friend or neighbor may help you with sympathetic advice, and point out a way to extricate yourself from the disturbing conditions around you. A good way to promote harmony with others is through cheerful correspondence.

2. A shift in circumstances may mean improved financial conditions for you. It may be necessary to make a determined attempt to dispel disagreements that cause a rift with associates. Do not allow the situation to reach the breaking point. Discord can be patched up through a sympathetic approach. Courtesy on your part should evoke a cordial response.

3. A short vacation trip can prove interesting and relaxing. While you are on a short trip you may be able to acquire and impart a great deal of worthwhile information. A favourable time to catch up on that correspondence, visit relatives and make those necessary telephone calls.

4. Collect material for instructive articles on current events. Information that you need may come to you through visitors to your home or a parent may offer excellent advice which you should heed at this time. An even greater possibility is a happy domestic life with a tranquil atmosphere surrounding the home and family matters.

5. Accurate judgement is needed to differentiate between dependable and unreliable acquaintances so that you can decide whose friendship should be retained or discarded. You may receive an invitation to witness a dramatic spectacle. The memory of this artistic achievement should remain with you for a long while.

6. A happy approach to your work is indicated. Attend to your job with cheerful confidence. The good reputation that you build up can bring lasting results. Watch that you do not overtax your mental capacity or let your mind wander along superficial aims or impossible attainments.

7. You may be able to remedy a difficult situation for an associate while there is favourable vibrations in this area of your chart. Your mental awareness is stimulated by partnership matters and you are at your best while dealing with partners in business affairs. Sign contracts, correspond, and do not be afraid to let your opinions be known.

8. For relaxation ready detective stories, mystery thrillers and romantic adventures. One of the best times to research your pet project besides you will find material on the subject easier to secure.

9. Pleasant communications may reach you from a friend on a trip. Also you may decide to contribute generously to funds which are to be used abroad or for those in institutions of higher learning In fact, you can promote good will on an international basis. It is possible, you may be asked to make some public appearance at a peace forum.

10. Public opinion has to be considered in personal and business arrangements needs further. What you do at present can affect your reputation as well as your profession. The world is looking for you to bring something of importance out into the open. Be sure you are not stretching the truth while the spotlight is upon you.

11. Exceptional opportunities for enjoyable experiences are all around you. An unexpected award may be conferred upon you for your help in organizing a successful social program for a club to which you belong.

12. A happy solution to pending problems provided you keep your aims high and are not trying to deceive anyone. This is a time to prepare for personal action which will be taking place in the near future. Test your plans, so that all the quirks may be worked out. Be ready, opportunity is knocking, you will open the door provided you have planned wisely and well. Don’t scatter your forces, have a definite goal and then prepare.

Shanker Adawal

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