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Mars & Mercury: Mercury and Marital Affairs, Chapter XXXIII, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury and the Seventh House – If Mercury is the lord of the 7th house, i.e. when the Lagna is ruled by Jupiter, Mercury will automatically own the 7th house and in that case, if Mercury joins a malefic, specially Mars and obtains the Navamsa of its debilitation or inimical Vargas or Mercury is combust and alongwith it such an afflicted Mercury fall in the 6th or the 8th house as the 7th lord and is also hemmed in between malefic forming Papkatari Yoga, the wife of the native kills him, pathetically inch by inch and cause misery to the whole family. Suppose Mercury owns 7th house and it is conjoined with Mars in the 8th house, Saturn joins 7th house and Rahu 8th house and Mercury obtains the Navamsa of Mars. If such a combination is present in the horoscope of a native it may be understood that the actions of the wife will be responsible for his unnatural and untimely death.

Mercury and Jupiter in the 4th house show conjugal happiness provided they are related with the 7th or 2nd houses and are absolutely unafflicted. Mercury, Venus and Saturn, if placed together in the 7th house, make the native adulterous. In case Mercury owns the 7th and joins Venus and Saturn, in one way or the other, the native will be attracted towards wives of others.

Mercury has a very specific role to play in the matters of the 7th house. If Mercury joins the 7th house and the dispositor of Mercury is well placed, it provides the native the art to win hearts of women and natural ability to cleverly impress and attract women and natural ability to cleverly impress and attract women towards him. He will always be favoured by women of his own choice. Mercury in the 7th house provides an intelligence wife. She likes to be well dressed and is well qualified. She may not belong to a high family but will have quarrelsome nature. Mercury in the 7th house attracts the native towards other’s wives. He gets inspiration and strength to work in the association of females and loves them too, depending upon the exact situation. Mercury curtails the longevity of wife, if posited in the 7th house for persons born under Scorpio ascendant. Whenever Mercury indicates liaison with a woman in any horoscope, it will be with a young woman because Mercury is regarded as kumar. It may also indicate prostitution under certain specific afflictions. Placement of Mercury in the 7th house without affliction provides an intelligent and good looking wife whose breasts are well developed and proportionate. She also begets goods number of children.

If Mercury is associated with Jupiter in the 7th house, the native will be fortunate to get a good wife and enjoy sex with a number of other beautiful women. If Venus is accompanied with Mercury in the 7th house, the native will be liked by innumerable beautiful females.

In most of the cases, presence of Mercury in association with Mars in the 7th house has played havoc. If Mars and Mercury are present anywhere in the horoscope, the result will be inauspicious. If Mercury is Markesh i.e. lord of the 2nd and 7th houses and joins the 7th house in association with Mars, the death of the husband by one way or the other, will be in evidence soon after the marriage.

Mars and Venus can indulge one in deep carnal pleasure or love affair followed by physical relationships. When Mercury afflicts this combination, disaster takes place as we have studied in a few cases described here. In the present case Mercury’s association created many disharmonious problems in native’s marital life. The native got married at around 25 years of age. The wife of the native came to know about one of the serious affairs of her husband just after a couple of years of marriage. Serious misunderstandings developed between the couple and they stopped seeing each other. In spite of living in the same house they have not talked to each other for last fifteen years. The native is forced to take his meals and breakfasts outside. The wife of the native threats him to disclose the affair of the native to the husband of the woman who was involved with him. This threat always stops the native to seek separation for the sake of his beloved, whose life will also be spoiled like him if he went for separation. Mercury should be held responsible for such tragedies in marital life.


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