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Mars & Mercury: Mercury and Marital Affairs, Chapter XXXIII, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

If Mercury is well placed in the 7th house without any affliction, the native will be bestowed with all kinds of happiness in marital life. His wife will be beautiful, intelligent and tactful. She will be submissive and kind hearted too, but slightly hot tempered. Similarly if a well placed and unafflicted Mercury owns the 7th house, same results should be expected. Unafflicted Mercury is as good as any other benefic planet but afflicted Mercury creates disasters. In the above examples. WE have studied the Mercury is heavily afflicted by Mars and Moon. Mars is the bitterest enemy of Mercury. Placement of Mars in the sign of Mercury or Mercury’s occupation of any of the sign ruled by Mars is most undesirable. Conjunction of Mars and Mercury in the 7th house or in respect to 7th house or its lord is most adverse so much so that it can even kill either of the partners or can depress one to the extent that he or she may commit suicide. Such a combination can ruin the marital life. Multiple marriage are also caused by the affliction of Mercury in respect to the 7th house. We have observed in the above illustrations that affliction of Mercury has resulted into more than one marriage in number of cases.

Mercury is also responsible for illegitimate relationships. If Mercury is associated with the lord of the Lagna or the 7th house, the moral character of the native will be questionable. One seeks pleasures from persons other than his own wife or husband. This type of conjunction of Mercury has been named as Madan Gopal Yoga which signifies low character.

Mercury provides a good and beautiful wife, if it joins an odd sign in the 7th house. The fact of the native will be long and will have authoritative looks. Her hair will be black and long but dry. She will often quarrel with the native and may pass insulting remarks. She will have strong and manly physique. Her voice will not be sweet and she will not be polite but will be intelligent, educated and fond of logic, beautiful silky black shining hair. She will pay due respect and honour to her husband and also love him even if he is lesser educated than her. She will be practical, beautiful and attractive. If Mercury occupies Aries or Virgo in the 7th house, the rise of fortune of the native will come in evidence only after marriage. He will have to undertake lot of travel.

Proper judgment of the position of Mercury is most essential before arriving at any conclusion with regard to the matters of the 7th house. An afflicted Mercury, if it influences the 7th house either be placement or ownership, aspect or conjunction with the 7th lord etc. in any way, will result either into multiple marriages or carnal relationship or lack of bliss of married life and marital harmony, death of either of the partner, concubine or kept, tensionous married life, separation or loose moral character.

Mercury has only two enemies Mars and Moon. No other planet can afflict Mercury as much as Mars does. In other words affliction of Mars by Mercury is heavier than by any of the other planet. Placement of Mars in the 7th house is bad for longevity of the partner but it becomes stronger if Mercury afflicts Mars in the 7th house. Similarly the goodness of any house will be curtailed if that house comes under the influence of afflicted Mercury. In 4th or 5th house it can result into mental depression, hysteria or even insanity. In 5th house it may hamper the birth of children or may cause the birth of illegitimate child. In latter case position of the 7th house should also be looked into in respect of moral character. We do not intend to touch the prospects of the 5th house here, but in number of cases, we have found that a women having an afflicted 7th house, Venus or having a mutual exchange of Navamsa of Mars and Venus, Saturn and Venus etc. obtains a child by her lover provided 5th house is owned by Mercury and afflicted Mercury. In the case of illegitimate child birth, Jupiter’s position must also be taken into consideration. An unafflicted Jupiter having an influence over 5th house or Mercury or over 5th lord will never permit illegitimate birth. In that case possibility of an adopted child will be there.


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