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Mars & Mercury: Mercury and Marital Affairs, Chapter XXXIII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7. Tailor, engineer, measurement taker and statistician.

8. Post master, clerks, services of posts and telegraph departments.

9. Sculptor, artist, dancer, speaker and debater.

10. Logicians, Homeopath and Ayurveda.

Role of Mercury in various fields of life – Mercury plays vital role in the life of every native. It has a specific role over certain events of life which are mostly kept secret. In a few charts when we come to know about the occurrences that are outcome of the position of Mercury, we get astonished and at times our views also change about that particular person. I am trying to draw the attention of the readers towards following aspects of life where Mercury has to play a key role:

1. Adoption of child

2. Illegitimate births

3. More than one marriage

4. Concubine, keeps

5. Mental depression of insanity.

6. Brilliance, intelligence, observations, logics, power of expression and interpretation.

7. Impotency.

8. Adultery.

9. Affliction of nervous system, brain hemorrhage, nervous disorders or even breakdown and paralysis.

10. Skin infections, sense of sight, perception and understanding.

11. Nervous system, solar plexus, towels, arms, mouth and tongue.

12. Traveling and journeys, transfers and professional promotions.

13. Teaching, writing, poetry, mails and correspondence.

14. Skill, methodical way of work, strong and retentive memory, logic thinking, researches and profession etc.

Out of all the nine planets, Mercury is nearest to the Sun. The diameter of Mercury is 3200 miles and it revolves around the Sun within 88 days. Mercury is said to be an illegitimate child of Moon. Since Mercury is a young, Prince the person born under the influence of Mercury generally possess a youthful appearance. Mercury is neutral, dualistic, cold, moist, convertible and eunuch planet. It is combust within 8o 30’ of the Sun and in no case Mercury is beyond 28o from the Sun. It is said to bestow best results while leaving the Sun.

Strong and well placed Mercury is a great asset to any horoscope. That will provide immense intelligence, astonishing way of justifications of actions and undertakings, perfect logics, correct interpretations and art of expression, powerful speech and power of grasping the complications, Mercury provides good skill and strong and retentive memory, methodical way of working, account keeping and systematic manners. Mercury is the chief planet to be considered first of all for education. An afflicted Mercury can create havocs. One may be a great liar, cheater, decepter, corrupt, mad of insane.

The Sun and Venus are friends while Moon is inimical to Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are treated as neutral. However, we have observed that Mercury should be treated as an enemy of Mars. Mars is inimical to Mercury. Both show adverse influence when they come in contact with each other.

Here, we propose to deal with the role of Mercury over the matters of the 7th house only. Mercury mostly exhibits its results in the 32nd year.


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