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Mars & Mercury: Mercury and Marital Affairs, Chapter XXXIII, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

If Mars and Mercury are in the 5th house for Taurus ascendant, one may himself or herself be an adopted child. There are so many other conditions with one will be adopted by others. Generally Mercury plays a significant role in almost all such cases. It is easy to write about any planetary combination and its result but it is really very touch task when we face difficulties due to other planets and their varied positions. When a particular combination come under the influence of number of other planetary conjunction or aspect, and a few are malefic and others are benefic among them, the judgment contains lots of confusions. So the vast study or practical horoscope can enable us to arrive at the correct judgment without any confusion. The subject should first be studied deeply and should be applied in number of cases to judge the correctness of results of any combination in the practical life. In two horoscopes, the same combination give different results due to various other different factors. Proper Judgment is the test of our knowledge and skill of interpretation.

However, we conclude that Mercury is no less important than Jupiter in its respective scope and field and equal importance must be attached during interpretation of the results of the house having concern with. It is Mercury only which provides us skill of Judgment and art of interpretation of any birth chart. Without strong Mercury, one can become rich but not great, as Mercury is most essential in all cases.

The sex outlook of the Signs ruled by Mercury


The outlook of Gemini is a purely mental one. Sex interests are quite secondary so far as the sign itself is concerned, though other positions in the horoscope may bring them into prominence.

Gemini is essentially a cold-blooded sign, without affection and morals. It is a kind of living question-mark. Always seeking to know the reason for everything. Always, and reactions. Psychological analysis is a Geminian habit, usually accompanied by extremely, but quite unintentional and unconscious, cruelty.

It wants to “see the wheels go round”, is entirely unmindful of the effect of the process upon its victim.

The normal attitude of Gemini to sex matters is not only experimental, but very largely cool, calculating, and selfish.

It is usually considered a fickle and changeable sign, often with considerable justification, but actually the fickleness arises not from wandering affections but from a desire to attain its theoretical ideal.

Unfortunately this aim, while always unsatisfactory, is for Gemini entirely impossible for achievement. The ideal varies according to the mood of the moment, and may swing from one extreme to the other.

Gemini is a difficult sign for most people to understand, it is much more logical than the others.

Its analytical nature produces a tendency to read between the lines. Therefore, to imagine that other people mean much more than they say.

The mental quickness also causes rapid changes of thought which leave the natives of slower signs plodding along the road which Gemini has covered in a single leap.

Slowness in others is a constant source of annoyance to Gemini, which is, at the best of times, an irritable and highly-strung sign.

The wife or husband of a Gemini native must never be mentally dull or obtuse if happiness is to be maintained.


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