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Mars & Mercury: Mercury and Marital Affairs, Chapter XXXIII, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Owing to his sensitive nervous system and mental nature, the Gemini person is subject to sexual perversions, perhaps especially to sadism, on account of the natural cruelty of the sign, and its lack of emotion and sympathy.

Under affliction, Gemini exhibits criminal tendencies. Its natives readily develop into forgers, thieves and confidence men, where quick wits and nimble fingers are essential to success.

Bigamy is also in keeping with the Gemini nature, though probably less so than in the case of Sagittarius and Risces which are more conventional signs, and therefore set more store by the appearance of respectability.

The duality of the sign, however, is usually evident in sex matters. Natives of Gemini often carry on two love affairs simultaneously, and, after marriage, run double establishments.


Virgo is that natural sign of virginity, therefore does not really favour marriage at all.

The Virgo native is usually sufficient unto himself to a greater or lesser extent, and can usually adapt himself quite comfortably to a celibate life.

The sign is a very discriminative and critical one that is not at all easily satisfied. It is fastidious, dislikes being touched, has a deep rooted fear of infection, all of which characteristics play an important part in the sex outlook of its native.

In women, Virgo sometimes produce a form of homosexuality. This is more unusual in the case of men. Masochism is probably the commonest perversion.

In marriage, Virgo is dutiful, may be much more affectionate than appears on the surface, for the extreme shyness of the sign prevents any exhibition of affection.

Virgo make a faithful partner, not usually an exciting one.

As a parent, Virgo is not specially successful. The dry, matter-of-fact, critical and faddy or fussy manner is not calculated to win the heart of a child very readily. As a rule, there is no very deep love of children.

They are apt to be too much of a nuisance, too untidy, too noisy to be welcome in the house. As might be expected, Virgo nearly always prefers girls to boys, largely for these reasons.

Neatness and tidiness are usually strong Virgo characteristics, and are by no means confined to the women of the sign.

This tendency is shown in style of dress, also in care lavished on the home and possessions.

Exceptions to this general tidiness, however, are not uncommon. One meets natives of Virgo who appear to be quite careless and untidy.

The cause is generally to be found elsewhere in the horoscope, but, even in pronounced case of apparent carelessness, a love of order or method is somewhere in evidence and affects some particular thing.

Virgo rarely praises anything, more often grumbles and criticizes. This does not mean very much, however, and is a matter of habit rather than the expression of real disapproval.

The general efficiency of the sign leads its native to assume that no one else can do anything so well, so neatly, so methodically as himself, and he is therefore reluctant to deputise work to others. If forced to do so, insists on interfering with detailed instructions as to the exact methods to be employed.

Under affliction, Virgo makes carping critics and turns its women into shrews and scolds. Normally, it can make a reasonable success of marriage if the partner is of a somewhat similar character.

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