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Mars & Mercury: Impact of Various Nakshatras Ruled by Mercury, Chapter XXVI, Part 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

10. Visha Naadi:

After 30 ghatikas or 12 hours from the commencement of the star.

Transit Effect


1. When MERCURY in transit passes through Moon sign in birth chart – Unsteady mentally; bitterness in household, untimely meals, company of undesirables; knotty problems to solve.

2. MERCURY in 2nd – Business gains; gain of ornaments; enjoyments; good health; gentlemanly company.

3. MERCURY in 3rd – Losses; fear; enmities with distant relatives; mentally indecisive; troubles from enemies; incurring displeasure of bosses.

4. MERCURY in 4th – Happiness with mother or maternal relations; happiness generally; financial & agricultural gains; success in endeavors; defeat of enemies.

5. MERCURY in 5th – Upset of health & pain all over body; bile disorders; abrupt quarrels; want of finance.

6. MERCURY in 6th – Gain of new clothes, money and cereals; courage of conviction; studies in general & particularly study of novels; academic and other entertainments; ornaments.

7. MERCURY in 7th – III luck; financial losses; incurring displeasure of bosses or superiors; untidy appearance on the part of native; general ill health; weakness; financial gains occasionally.

8. MERCURY in 8th – III health; sorrow; restricted diet; ungentlemanly actions; success in desired directions occasionally.

9. MERCURY in 9th – Loss of incentive; disrespect; doing bad to others; losses; having to take ill cooked or stale food; bile complaints.

10. MERCURY in 10th – Unwarranted blame being thrown on naïve; family worries; delays; happiness now and then.

11. MERCURY in 11th – Good health; monetary gains; happiness; incentive; company of relatives; reputation; contentment.

12. MERCURY in 12th – Upset of health; mental worries; unexpected adverse happenings; want of happiness in the matter of food; quarrels everywhere; want of finance; various troubles.

Favorable signs … …







Corresponding VEDHA signs







When MERCURY goes through2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11 from moon sign, the respective auspicious results quoted above will materialize, provided no planet transits the corresponding Vedha sign at that point of time. On the other hand, some say that if Moon transits the Vedha sign when Mercury is passing through 2nd etc., the beneficial results will then materialize without fail.

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