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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 1

Chapter 27

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Seventeen Years

1. During the Maha Dasa of BUDHA, there will be gain of wealth, cereals and prosperity in the beginning; honour by king during the middle of the Maha Dasa; opposition from own people in the last one-third portion of the Maha Dasa.

2. The following are the effects of BUDHA MAHA DASA with reference to various Yogas or occupation of signs/houses.

a) Budha with Positional Strength. Reputation; professional elevation; courage; great enthusiasm; initiation in YAGNA; good deeds.

b) Budha devoid of Positional strength. Great fear to wife and son; foreign travels; alround troubles; defeats in several directions.

c) Budha with directional strength. Gain of wealth from various directions; friendship with noble-men and king, frequent use of scents and cosmetics.

d) Budha with Kala Bala. Bodily comforts; prosperity to wife and children; bath in Ganges or pilgrimage.

e) Budha with Naisargika Veerya. Good and charitable deeds; academical debates; opposition by own people; separation from mother or fear of death for native.

f) Budha with Vakratwa (retrograde). Good luck in the matter of wealth, wife, children, finance; enjoying Hari Katha or hearing mythological texts; charity; initiation in Mantra; sea bath or pilgrimage.

g) Budha with Naisarga Bala. At peace with all and sundry; enjoying jokes with and company of women; professional elevation of high order.

h) Budha in KROORA SHASHTIAMSA. MAHAT BHAYAM (great fear).If Maha Dasa Natha BUDHA is without a good aspect or yoga – losses from thieves, fear from fire and king will result.

i) Budha in MRIDWAMSA SHASHTIAMSA. Professional elevation of a high order; doing good to every one; gain of agricultural produce and wealth; birth of son.

j) Budha in VAISHESHIKAMSA. Honour and respect from high and low and everywhere; scents, cosmetics, garlands and other paraphernalia; academical debates; acquiring deep knowledge in certain branches.

k) Budha in KROORA DREKKANA fear from fire, thieves and king; loss of position; MAHAT BHAYAM (great fear).

l) Budha in ATYUTCHA (extreme exaltation). DESA ADIPATYAM (Lordship of country or highest professional elevation); Gain of conveyance and having a number of servants under him; academical achievements; gain of precious stones; increase of household and landed properties; agricultural income.

m) Budha in Exaltation. Increase of wealth; hearing scriptures, Gita, Purana etc.; enjoying fun; helpful attitude to relatives; A great circle of acquaintances and friends.

n) Budha in debilitation. Foolish behaviour on the part of native; incurring displeasure of relatives; loss of position; opposition by brethren; foreign travels; mentally a dejected state of affairs due to stay in lonely places or forests.

o) Budha in Parama Neecha (extreme debilitation). Loss of position; financial losses; alround troubles; opposition from relatives; sufferings to family members; mental unrest and poverty.


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