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Dr. Shanker Adawal

Punarvasu (Gemini)

1. Notable Personality born on this star:

Surabhi, President Theodore Roosevelt (USA) (3) General U.S. Grant.

2. Characteristics of native born on this star:

Taste for sweet dish; truthful; gentlemanly; enthusiastic; generous to the extent of renouncing comforts; strong and wealthy; humorous; piping voice or talking in low voice; wise; thirsty.

3. The following are the additional characteristics of native born in this star but in:

First quarter, which is called UTHAMAAMSA:-

Devotion to God and learned people; personality a bit repulsive; reddish eyes; at times, cruel mentality.

Second Quarter, which is called BHOGYAAMSA:-

Stylishly dressed-up; liking for ornaments; interest in sweet dishes; wealthy.

Third Quarter, which is called SOUMYAAMSA:-

Learned; a bit over-sexed; possessing slightly indifferent health yet long lived; miserly.

Fourth Quarter, which is called DHANAAMSA:-

Lustrous; liked by all; rich; fame; high position professionally.

4. General Indications for one born on this star:-

a. 10 days after birth but before years of age, eye troubles;

b. After years of age, stomach troubles;

c. In the 5th year, fear from enemy;

d. In the 7th year, troubles to mother including fear of death;

e. In the 16th year, many miseries and difficulties;

f. In the 25th year, fear from poison/snakes

g. In the 43rd year, trouble from quadrupeds;

h. In the 52nd year, death of son;

i. In the 80th year, troubles from thorns;

j. On the 5th day after New Moon/Full Moon, Sunday, after 4 ghatikas after sunrise, death due to small-pox. If this juncture is seen through, then longevity upto 96 years.

5. Birth Marks:


6. Puberty:

A girl attaining puberty on this day will turn out to be a bad character, at the same time wasting money.

7. For EVERYONE, this day is good for:

PUMSAVANA, NAMA KARANA, SEEMANTHA, ANNA PRASANA, KARNA VEDA, CHOULA, UPANAYAMA, shaving, furnishing bed room, occupying houses, journeys and other auspicious functions including marriage.

8. Fever/Diseases:

Fever starting on this day will trouble the native for 7 days.

9. Journeys:

Good for journeys provided journey is commenced after bath.


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