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Dr. Shanker Adawal

Ardra (Gemini)

1. Notable Personality born on this star:

Rudra Sharma, President Coolidge (USA), President F.D. Roosevelt (USA.

2. Characteristics of native born on this star:

Religious-minded; knack in sales and purchases (businessman); proud; ungentlemanly and uncharitable in actions; ungrateful; long life; selfish and shameless but clever.

3. The following are the additional characteristics of native born in this star but in:

First quarter, which is called KRUPAAMSA:-

Good conduct; clever and happy.

Second Quarter, which is called TASKARAAMSA:-

Quarrelsome; stealing habit; piping voice; thirsty.

Third Quarter, which is called OOGRAAMSA:-

Untidy in appearance; in the habit of giving bad advice; mediocre financial status; sinful in deeds; difficulties.

Fourth Quarter, which is called UTHKRISHTAAMSA:-

God-fearing; religious-minded; one who understands and picks up good points from others; pleasing personality.

4. General Indications for one born on this star:-

a. In the 9th month of the 5th year of birth-fear of death or accident;

b. In the 16th year, fear from rheumatic pains and fire;

c. In the 24th year, fear from poison or snake-bite;

d. In the 42nd year, fear from quadrupeds;

e. In the 61st year, fear of death;

If native survives this juncture, then he will enjoy longevity for 70 years.

5. Birth Marks:


6. Puberty:

A girl attaining puberty on this day will face a multitude of troubles. If puberty occurs in the 3rd of 4th quarter of this star, then a Shanti is prescribed.

7. For EVERYONE, this day is good for:

Exchanges with enemy; undertakings connected with fire, implements and weapons; chanting hymns; performing obsequies; establishing temple of Lord Shiva; starting education or studies; all works connected with machinery.

8. Fear/Diseases:

If fever starts on this day, there will be fear of death or there will be relief after 3 months. If the prescribed Shanti is performed, there will be relief after one month.

9. Journeys:

This is NOT good for journeys. But journeys maybe undertaken after 14 ghatikas or 5 hours and 36 minutes from the commencement of this star and after consuming sesamum powder.

10. Visha Naadi:

After 21 ghatikas or 8 hours and 24 minutes from the commencement of the star.


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