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Mars & Mercury: Impact of Various Nakshatras Ruled by Mercury, Chapter XXVI, Part 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

9. Journeys:

Journeys in all directions may be undertaken after consuming sesamum powder.

10. Visha Nadi:

After 1 ghatikas or 8 hours and 24 minutes from the commencement of the star.

Chitra (Virgo)

1. Notable Personality born on this star: UPAJEEVA

2. Characteristics of native born on this star:

Adored by women; enjoying all kinds of prosperity; oversexed; knowledge of sexology; bright eyes; large feet; sweet tongued; interest in dressing-up tastefully; larger circle of friends; good looking; pleasure seeking fame.

3. The following are the additional characteristics of native born in this star but in:

First quarter, which is called NRUPAAMSA:-

Forceful personality; restless; cruel disposition; tactful; cunning.

Second Quarter, which is called NAPUMSAKAAMSA:-

Devoted to austerity; sweet tongued interest in meditation.

Third Quarter, which is called ABHAYAAMSA:-

Wise, likes wise-men and learned people; famous; courageous; leader of oppressed.

Fourth Quarter:-

Valorous; clever in cheating/stealing; courageous; aggressive.

4. General Indications for one born on this star:-

a. In the 5th year, fear from fire;

b. In the 8th year, fear from quadrupeds;

c. In the 20th year, fear from implements/weapons;

d. In the 25th year, fear from thrones and the like;

e. If the native survives the above, he will enjoy longevity upto 80 years.

5. Birth Marks:

A clear mole or fish-like mark on the left side.

6. Puberty:

A girl attaining puberty on this day will have children and enjoy life. More sons and less daughters will result.

7. For EVERYONE, this day is good for:

Enjoyments with opposite sex, NAMA KARANA, ANNA PRASANA, UPANAYANA, ear-boring, shaving, marriage, starting studies, oil bath, wearing new clothes and ornaments, use of conveyances, painting works, starting medical treatment, obsequies etc.

8. Fever/Diseases:

Fear starting on this day will last for 11/15 days.

9. Journeys:

NOT good for journeys. But after 14 ghatikas (5 hours 36 minutes) from commencement of the star, journeys in Southern & Western directions may be undertaken after food).

10. Visha Naadi:

After 20 ghatikas or 8 hours from the commencement of the star.


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