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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mesha – Gain of land; honour by relatives; acquisition of precious stones and ornaments; happiness from wife son and caste-fellows.

Vrishabha – Company of actors; enjoying songs, jokes etc. gain of knowledge; wielding authority.

Mithuna – pleasures of learning; professional elevation comparable to that of a commander of an Army; interest in music and songs; enjoying humour and witty talk; enjoying family life as a householder; fame; gain of land and agricultural produce.

Karkat – Enemity with relatives; loss of luster; company of Brahmins and learned people; loss of position and loss of authority.

Simha – Lordship of a town or equivalent professional elevation; roaming about in forests and forts; honour from a highly placed person.

Kanya – Comforts; fame; RAJYA LABHA (professional elevation); gain of costly clothes and ornaments; prosperity to wife and children and blood relations.

Tula – Gain of conveyance; acquaintance with king; house decorated with paintings; contacts with a woman of VAISHYA community.

Vrischika – Troubles; opposition from blood relations; loss of land and possibly a brother.

Dhanus – Happiness; defeat of enemies in encounters; professional elevation; prosperity to master; gain of gold and clothes; frequent gain of money; talks and discussions regarding music and knowledge.

Makara – Success in undertakings; company of brethren; happiness due to academical achievements; valour in conversation; honour in audiences; company of friends.

Kumbha – Gain of servants and conveyance; gain of large quantities of clothing and gold; enjoying high class food; music-minded.

Meena – displeasure of own people, sufferings to or loss of wife, and children; loss of position; troubles of a serious nature.

BUDHA MAHA DASA PHALA is as follows, according to the Bhava occupied by BUDHA in birth chart.

Lagna – Good health; increase of fame; good and witty talk; various gains; acquisition of academical degrees; honour by king.

2nd Bhava – Gain of wealth; looking after family affairs; diplomatic talk; alround politeness; freedom from debts.

3rd Bhava – Knowledge of music; acquisition of ornaments; marriage of brothers; victory in encounters; honour by king.

4th Bhava – Additions in relative’s family, increased agricultural gains; gain of well decorated house; respect in audiences comprising of musicians and actors.

5th Bhava – Additions to family; increased wealth and knowledge; success in MANTRA DIKSHA, acquaintance with king; pilgrimage; gain of costly clothes and ornaments;

6th Bhava – Various diseases, increase in the circle of enemies; sufferings to relatives; quarrels, anger of king, loss of position.

7th Bhava – Happiness; a series of auspicious happenings; helpful attitude to relatives; APOORVA PRIYA DARSANAM (seeing something never before seen).

8th Bhava – Loss of equals; great distress; loss of position; troubles from thieves, fire and enemies.

9th Bhava – Religious-mindedness; knowledge; company of learned people; charitable inclinations; appreciation of properties, conveyance and paraphernalia; increase of powers wielded by the native; well being of wife and children; increased political status for native’s father.


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